Expensive Pink Eye Story

I am 24 years old and live in Iowa. Over the last year and a half I have graduated from Iowa State University, and since had to replace my student health care coverage. After searching numerous marketplaces, the government exchange being the most expensive for the least coverage, I found a sub par private coverage insurance policy. It was the only policy within my budget that would cover a catastrophic event. As a server and later a manager I earned $31,000 dollars last year. I will add that I did not apply for any subsidies. It is against my belief that I should be given anything that I did not earn.

One morning, I awoke with both of my eyes inflamed and swollen. I made an appointment to see a local doctor. After waiting two hours past my scheduled appointment, I was finally seen by the doctor. The doctor spent an extra twenty minutes trying to locate a certain piece of equipment. With the majority of my family being doctors and dentists, I got the feeling that the clinic was stretched very thin. After forty five minutes, the doctor determined I had allergic conjunctivitis. I do have hay-fever. Then the doctor proceeded to inform me that I was to go see an eye doctor. I walked down the street to see the affiliated eye doctor, who spent three minutes with me and made no difference to my diagnosis.

Following my $150 pharmacy payment for the medicated eye drops, I received three additional bills from the two doctors totaling well over $600. The point of my story is this, the government intervenes in any free or semi-free market system, bureaucracy slows the efficiency of a system, increases costs on to the customer, and reduces the quality of care. I am a relatively healthy individual. I usually only visit the doctor for my yearly physical and a visit once every four years for an extenuating circumstance (eye infection, severe fever).

The main problem in this country is not the system, it is how people take care of themselves. One third of adults in the USA are obese, and that number is expected to continue to rise. The children and young adults in the USA are expected not to outlive their parents.

It is time for people in our country to take responsibility for their actions and their money. I am not stating that we shouldn’t help people who can’t afford health care. We should reduce government intervention. We should also create a health-friendly society where people are rewarded for great and beneficial health decisions.

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You think that’s bad I got pink eye and had to have a doctors excuse without health insurance the only place I could think of was Lexington medial center in and out within an hour with a bill of over 2000!!!!?

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