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In the Family Affordability Glitch: Can I still Get Obamacare?

My mother currently does not have health insurance. My father’s employer offers insurance for spouses but it is to expensive for their income. Combined they make around $42,000/yearly, my father pays a $27 premium and it would cost $678 to add my mother onto his employers plan. Is there a way to get covered under
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Do You Have to be a Citizen for Obamacare?

Generally, persons visiting or vacationing in the US legally can use the Marketplace to shop for health insurance, but aren’t eligible for cost assistance and aren’t required to have health insurance.

Can I Skip a Month of ObamaCare?

Every American is allowed two full months without coverage a year, so if you find yourself missing a month you can take the short coverage gap exemption on form 8965

Coverage Requirements for New Citizen Traveling?

All US citizens, who qualify based on income, must obtain coverage or an exemption. For someone traveling back and forth between the U.S. they can be exempt for spending 330 consecutive days in the year outside the US.

Unaffordable Coverage at X Hundred a Month

The cheapest plan is typically $200 – $400, cost assistance caps the cost between 2% – 9.5% of MAGI. It’s rare that someone would pay over $600 for individual coverage, let alone $800.

I Signed Up For a Quote and Now I’m Getting Many Calls

Some of the less reputable third party companies on the internet resell leads or spam phone calls when customers fill out a quote form. This is not a practice that is endorsed by any reputable entity including, HealthCare.Gov, or any major insurer, broker, or advertiser.

Multiple Mammograms Not Covered?

Preventive screening, including mammograms, is covered at not cost under ObamaCare but additional exams may have cost sharing or may not be covered.

I Moved and the Enrollment Period is Over, What Do I Do?

If you move to a new state you have 60 days to enroll in a plan via special enrollment in that states Marketplace. There will never be an instance where you move out of state and aren’t allowed to enroll in an individual health plan

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