Does ObamaCare cover coronavirus AKA COVID-19 treatment and testing?


ObamaCare covers coronavirus. All marketplace plans cover FDA-approved coronavirus tests and vaccines with no out-of-pocket costs. The same is true for Medicaid/CHIP as well.

Not only does the Affordable Care Act require essential preventative services like tests and vaccines be covered under all plans (in most cases with no out-of-pocket costs), the COVID relief bills also mandated that insurance can't charge for FDA-approved COVID-related tests and vaccines for the duration of the public health emergency. With that said, even though some care like emergency care and care leading up to a test may be covered, there are still charges that can be incurred while seeking care, so make sure you coordinate with your healthcare providers and insurers.

For more, see HealthCare.Gov's "Marketplace coverage & Coronavirus.".

FACT: Luckily for those without coverage or with short term health plans, a bill was passed that includes provisions that made COVID-19 testing and vaccines free to substantially all Americans regardless of if they had coverage or their coverage type. This doesn't impact the cost of treatment, but it does impact the cost of testing and vaccination.

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Sherri Engels on

My son has been in the hospital for 7 days with covid 19. He and his family have Obama Care ins. What will this cost him? He has a large family, 7 daughters and his wife. I am very concerned as to how much he will be charged for his treatment of covid. P. S. He is improving and that is of the upmost importance. on

Well first, glad to hear he is improving. Second, here is how it works:

Their plan has a deductible and maximum, these impact how much he will have to pay in co-pays and coinsurance for in-network services. I can’t say how much it’ll cost, but it can’t cost out-of-pocket more than the maximum for in-network services. The issue will be if he has gotten any out-of-network services. The insurer and care provider should be able to coordinate to make sure he only gets in-network services and not out-of-network. This helps to avoid what is known as “surprise billing.” Suprise billing is what can really get you. Best thing he can do is talk to the hospital and his insurer and voice his concern and have them point him in the right direction.