Do I Have to Pay Back the Tax Credit if I Made Less Than 100% FPL?

Do I have to pay back the tax credit if I made less than 100% FPL? For example if I found out at the end of the year I didn’t make enough to get tax credits or was in the Medicaid gap?

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Whitney Thouvenelle

Hi. My unemployment might not come through because the PUA in Kansas is a mess. If I don’t get it by the end of the year as owed, I won’t make enough money to qualify for the ACA, and Kansas has not expanded Medicaid. So, I’m guessing I will have to pay all those subsidies back when I do my taxes? I haven’t updated the ACA because I have no idea what my income will be, due to the pandemic and this Unemployment mess.

My main concern is about qualifying for next year. Will I still be able to get subsidies in 2021 if I failed to meet the minimum income requirement for 2020? I can’t lose my health insurance!

Please help! Thanks so very much.

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