As supporters of the ACA we aren’t always filtering Trumpian policy through a rose colored lens, but with that said, here is what Trump should do with the ACA.

In simple terms:

  1. Trump’s strong suit is “the Art of the Deal”, he is good at communicating, charming, and rallying support.
  2. The current Republican party is split as to what they want healthcare to look like, they have brought to the table a mishmash of good, bad, and ugly ideas that will please very few.
  3. From what I can tell talks have made it worse because it is one faction of GOP making deals with another one, neither is going to be happy, and this seems to be making the bill even less liberal and progressive friendly.
  4. One might think passing or not passing the AHCA will make Trump look good, but this is a catch 22, both will make him look bad (as both result in negatives real people will feel and will call “TrumpCare”).
  5. Trump should respond to this catch-22 by giving states an opportunity to come up with a better plan. This will aggravate Ryan, but will please others.
  6. In other words, Trump should turn healthcare into an episode of the apprentice, giving states and healthcare advocates a chance to submit ideas and plans. Then he can help choose a plan like he crowns a Miss America.

This tactic accomplishes a few things. 1. It removes the catch-22 and kicks the can down the road, and 2. It governs in-line with what people voted for (sure a fraction of the base voted him in on “lock-her up” and “build a wall”… but these far-right policies don’t play outside of that faction, the real base simply voted for “hope and change” and “not the establishment”. Simple as that, ignore it at your own peril.)

By seeking actual good policy at a state level it turns healthcare into a fun opportunity for fresh non-establishment ideas and takes the heat off the current situation (which will end in disappointment no matter which direction it goes).

For me, the only real workable option is single payer, the other option is a public option, the other option is actually increasing Medicaid expansion (all result in providers not getting “screwed over” by bureaucrats…. which is what is happening with the AHCA’s removal of tens of millions… of Trump voters by the way).

Trump is good at reality TV and business, both of those areas of life are about working a deal out between parties.

Washington doesn’t work like that, the GOP want to strong arm in a bad policy here.

This isn’t going to work out well for Trump (I think Bannon even said this). Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a deal can be made between factions of GOP that will somehow undo this healthcare already called TrumpCare.

So flip the script and give states like Indiana (with Pence’s HIP 2.0) a chance to bring a plan to the table.

Or even better, give the states funding and let them create their own plans and let us just drop the whole central planning thing (we need central funding, that is how taxes work, but I think real dealmaking could be made on state implementation).

I know, states’ rights federalism, what a crazy notion. It doesn’t always have to be about taking away something, states’ rights also functions as a cooperative and competitive concept that cherishes those of our 320 million who aren’t Washington insiders.

Also, same goes for public funding of the arts. Removing that is flat out evil and will be remembered by liberals for eons, but providing funding and giving flexibility to the states might work.

Icarus flew too high to fast, and while we still remember him today, the story was not about how “great” he was, it was about how he thought physics didn’t apply to him.

What do you think?

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Brett Maverick Olney on

President Obama, I believe that health care is huge factor in America. I have seen that Trump care has failed . Even though Obama Care is also failing. I just wanted to let you, President Obama, that you should stop (Hating) on President Trump. I know that he had a rough pass and 15 to 30 years ago he was not presidential fit. President Trump is very good business man. He has made billions of dollars with is company. So just maybe with America he can make trillions. President Trump will do everything he can to make AMERICA great again. The president before you did not do a good job with our debt. I also believe that you did not do a good job with our debt but you did very well in other categories. I believe that President Trump can bring the run down cities back to life. I believe that he will make more jobs which also you did very well with creating jobs. Which there is more work to be done in that category. Also I believe that if President Trump brings the rundown cities back it will create more jobs and bring the crime rate down. Which Americas crime rate is a huge issue. So if Trumps does do things he prove you wrong. But all I’m asking is to believe in Trump so that your supports will to. Maybe if all of us Americans have hope in Trump he will make AMERICA great again.

Thank You,
Brett Olney

Brett Maverick Olney on

Sorry for those couple errors in the letter, sorry hope you understand what I was trying to say, I’m only 15. on

Thanks for sharing Brett. Very cool that you are interested in politics at only 15. You are right, we are stronger when we come together and work as a team.