I want to know when my insurance started I applied in September of 2014 i thought it started September 28 or the first of October Now they are saying it did not start until Oct 14. I could not see a doctor until i had insurance.


If you purchase insurance during open enrollment it won't start until the 1st of January, if you enroll after December 15 it starts February 1st.

So to clarify:

  • Insurance enrolled in before December 15th starts on the 1st of January.
  • Coverage enrolled in before the 15th of the month, but after January starts on the 1st of the next month.
  • Coverage enrolled in after the 15th of the month starts on the 1st of the month after that.
  • Coverage only starts after you pay your first months premium.
  • You can't enroll in coverage outside of open enrollment.

If you enrolled in coverage in September 2014 it would not have started until January 1st 2014. Open enrollment didn't start until November 2014. So perhaps you got covered during special enrollment? Special enrollment coverage follows the rules about enrolling before and after the 15th, but doesn't follow the rules about starting on January 1st or needing to be purchased during open enrollment.

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