Percent of Uninsured in 2008 vs 2015?

Trying to understand the % of insured comparing 2008 to 2015 figures. Its not easy. and is the following analysis correct?

What i read is 14.5 % uninsured in 2008 compared to 12% in 2015 . I also read that only 7 million paid their premium in 2014 and 11.7 million enrolled Nov. 2014 to Feb 2015 and 8 million enrolled Oct 2013 to April 2014. So maybe 10 million enrolled in all of 2014, No exact data from the facts.

That leaves a remainder 10 million minus -7 million paid but the remaining unpaid are considered insured. But if there are about 1% more uninsured due to non payment would make 2015 go from 12% to 13%.

14.5 % uninsured in 2008 vs 13% in 2015?

That’s 1.5% more insured or 4.8 million increase in insured. from 2008?

However if the unpaid are considered insured than 14.5 – 12% is an increase of 2.5% which is 8 million people? Are exact figures available?

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48 vs 23? Wow ! Why isn’t that repeated and repeated and …. ?

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