My husband and I have been out of work for 3 months. My husband started a new job Feb 9th with full Medical benefits for both of us that will be available April 9th 2015 do we need to enroll in Obama care?

We wont need it and would have to cancel can we go without the Obama care for this short time without a penalty?


If you are getting a plan through another source shortly after open enrollment, you have two choices.

Either claim the short coverage gap exemption and pay the fee for the months you don't have coverage or an exemption, or get a health plan for just the months you need it and then cancel it.

You can 100% get a Marketplace health plan and pay only the 1st months premium and then cancel your plan so it ends when the new one starts. The only real stipulation with coverage for individuals and families is that you must obtain it during open enrollment.

If you lose a plan due to any reason other than non-payment, then it triggers a Special Enrollment Period.

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