I will be 26 in June and off my parent’s health insurance. I’m currently unemployed and I am planning to start graduate school in Europe in September, so I will be here off my parent’s insurance from June 25 to September 1. If I am able to find a job until then, it will be a paid internship ($9.00/hr). When I checked the Obamacare eligibility, it stated I could qualify for Medicaid. Should I be applying for Obamacare given my circumstance or should I wait and apply for Medicaid in June? Thank you.


When you turn 26 you'll need to get your own health plan. As long as your parents don't claim you as a dependent you may be eligible for cost assistance on the Marketplace or Medicaid if your state expanded.

Eligibility is based on annual income and what state you live in.

If you are eligible for Medicaid or the Marketplace you can apply up to 60 days before your turn 26.

At the income you state you will most likely be exempt from the fee due to income. If you aren't you'll need to get coverage, unless you plan to spend 330 days or more outside the US. Then you qualify for an exemption based on the time you have spent outside the US this year.

Learn about cost assistance eligibility.

Learn about exemption options.

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I am retireing inMarch. My son is 23 and in college thru the fall. Is he covered until age 26 under my company retirement plan ? Thank you