ObamaCare, What if I’m Unemployed?

I am 50 years old, unemployed, and have a 22 year old son who is a full time college student. We have no income. What are we required to do to comply? We are residents of South Carolina.

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I applied for medicaid on July the 19th 2021 here in Harris county Texas? And I have repededly ask about my case in person and on line? They kept asking me for more information and I supplied with what they asked of me. I had to keep putting complaint after complaint of discrimination for my age or my health problems? I’m from Florida, I came here on a emergency and anded up staying to what I thought was going to be a better life for me. Only to find disappointments in the Texas system! I only live on survivor benefits from my deceased husband’s s.s. 681.00 and a small pension 151.90 a month? Now they they are telling me I don’t qualify for medicaid? Or don’t qualify for the market place unless I pay 500 a month because I don’t pay taxes? I have several underlined health conditions , they told me to appeal the marketplace laws because I don’t meet their criteria? So now I’m getting sicker and no doctors or medicines I have been taking for many years I can’t eat very many solid foods ? Because I need my detures so I lost a lot of weight I can’t see well I have macular degeneration and arthritis in my spine and neropayhy in my legs and I’m supposed to have nerve blocks and point shots of steroids and medicine. I’m chronic enemic and I have a rolling walker I have to use and I cane for short distance . I had all of these specialist in Florida? I also had the best mental health specialist that took great and perfesional care . I hope someone can help me and find me the insurance I can afford? I’m not asking for a handout ? I’m asking for help? I would be so greatful if the person that will be reading this can find me answers? Thank you Claudia J


My husband is going thru medical issues and is not being able to work for a few months now and his job terminated him and he applied for unemployment benefits. what is going to happen to his obama care insurance that he has to pay monthly and now we will not be able to pay for it and if he does not get a job he is not getting any money when de benefits expired. how all these is considered in his case. I myselg am a three year cancer survivor still under treatment and not able to work so our financials are in crisis. can somebody please guide me what to do ?



Medicaid could be an option depending on what state you are in. It is often a good idea to start by contacting the HealthCare.Gov marketplace and Medicaid and then asking local hospitals and charities if that doesn’t work. So much depends on the region and the specifics of your family though.

Renae Michelle Alexander

I am currently unemployed at 55. but actively searching for employment in Iowa, would like to know about plans here in the Des Moines area which I could enroll and receive free health care.


IOWA expanded Medicaid, so you would apply for Medicaid. You can start by contacting the Marketplace (Healthcare.gov), or you can go straight to your state Medicaid office https://www.medicaid.gov/about-us/contact-us/contact-state-page.html.

Learn more: https://www.healthinsurance.org/iowa-medicaid/


I purchased an INSURANCE plan with high deductible. The agent did not inform me that this purchased plan was NOT eligible for the ACA RULE.
Do I have to pay the penalty?


You can potentially get an exemption for this. I would contact healthare.gov and take a close look at the 8962 form.


I live in New York State, My job close down and we were terminated being a union shop I have insurance until December 31. I am now on unemployment and have a 20,19,16 year old What type of ins do I qualify for

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