I worked for Kmart 30 years and they closed our store in December, so I am unemployed. I do not qualify for ObamaCare, and Alabama does not offer me Medicaid. Please tell me what I can do. I can not afford the insurance without help.

My husband is on disability and his income does not count on our taxes.


If you have low income, and live in Alabama, you may be in trouble. Alabama has rejected Medicaid expansion and decided to leave about 235,000 without coverage.

If you meet certain qualifications, including having little to no income, you may qualify for Alabama's existing Medicaid program. You can get the eligibility guidelines for Alabama Medicaid here.

For anyone who has been denied Medicaid, or would be denied if they applied for Medicaid, everything you need to know can be found right here. Being denied Medicaid opens the door to many coverage options and exemptions from the fee.

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Patricia Williams on

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I already knew that. No help.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

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Sorry, didn’t meant to offer you no options here. There is a ton you can do with a Medicaid denial letter. It opens up both coverage options and an exemption from the fee which lasts all year. Check out this link https://obamacarefacts.com/2015/02/20/being-denied-medicaid-or-chip/

Paula on

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I have a lot of mental and physical health issues and yet, don’t have kids, not considered “disabled” by the government and not elderly so I can’t apply to get medicaid in order to even get a denial letter. I had it in Michigan and if I didn’t then I would have died. So I don’t even know what to do. I’m not working so I can’t do the marketplace. so does alabama not care if we die? I sure won’t be going to the hospital or doctors without insurance and already owe thousands in medical bills from hospitals from when I didn’t have insurance. Coming from someone clinically depressed, how does this help? Hotlines (for me anyway) don’t help any

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In Alabama you can’t get Medicaid because Medicaid refused to expand Medicaid to those making less than 100% of the Federal Poverty Level under ObamaCare. However, you can apply and get a denial letter e (and double check that you don’t actually qualify). This denial letter may open up other options for you in the Marketplace.

To clarify Medicare is the health program for seniors and Medicaid is the health program for low-income families, kids, and in states that expanded single adults who don’t qualify for Medicare.

April Campbell on

Tried to get medicaid in Chilton County Alabama an why are there some people who have no job an no kids an they get medicaid this makes no sense our president offered everyone who could not afford insurance to be able to receive medicaid an I qualified but can’t get it..Can our president fix anything right

becky on

Not the president’s fault…if you voted for Bentley and his buddies then there lies the problem.

BBMosley on

April, you need to play attention to what is going in your state and in your country. Every state was given the option for Medicaid Expansion and Bentley said NO, Alabama will not participate….it was all over the local and national news, in the newspaper and on the internet, twitter etc. Don’t know how you missed it.

It’s May 2016 and the situation is not only messed up for patients needing Medicaid, its affecting doctor’s ability to take care of patients because they can’t afford to treat thousands of people for no money.

As much as people may not like Obama in Alabama, our genius governor is to blame for this nonsense. The citizens of Alabama let him get away with it. We must be realistic and find a way to understand ALL of the information instead of falling prey to politics.

J. Larkin on

Although I’m not directly affected by the issues described here, a close friend is. He wants to move from Ohio to Alabama. Currently he is FT caregiver to his mother and works enough hours outside the home to comply with Ohio’s workfare program. His sister would care for the mother in the meantime as the plan is for him to eventually bring mom to Alabama for the milder climate among other things. However, since Alabama did not expand Medicaid, he will not get Medicaid coverage as he does in Ohio. So the plan is dead in the water for the time being and mom will have to endure another harsh, lake effect winter. That being said, it’s clear but unspoken that Alabama’s Republican government is hell bent on (A) Discouraging poorer citizens from moving here at all and (B) Encouraging poorer [i.e. Democrat voting] Alabamians to move to blue states where they can get the care they won’t get here. Get the picture? It’s all about politics and weakening the opposition. But don’t worry poor folks. They’ll be praying for you.

Katherine Beitle on

Thank you for publishing the information found on this site. You’ve done great work and it’s very much appreciated.

Kim Rouleau on

We are moving to Alabama probably in July. We live in Illinois and have Medicaid. My husband has not been able to work for 3 years due to a Bone Marrow Transplant. He kust recently became self employed, working as a handyman making about 30,000 a year. What kind of plans are we elgible for.