Disabled Veteran, Do I Need To Get Health Insurance?

I am a disabled veteran, do I need to purchase any insurance for ObamaCare? Will I owe the fee?

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I am disabled and need to get insurance for my child. I do not pay taxes because I am disabled. How do I get insurance for my child?
When I go to the site it asks for tax information. I do not have that.


If you need insurance for a child I would start by calling state Medicaid and inquiring about CHIP. You can also call healthcare.gov directly for assistance. The form is very handy, but contacting your state Medicaid department directly seems like a good first step in this situation.


What if you bought Obamacare and did not know you had VA health care benefits, do you have to pay back the Obamacare subsidies?


If you took tax credits, but weren’t eligible, then yes you have to pay back credits based on income. I would call healthcare.gov directly with something like this and get personalized assistance.


Copy/paste from related sections, is not the same as giving a straight answer. Simply ‘I don’t know,’ would have been better.

That is unless “Disabled Veteran” now means “spouses and children of service members.”


Sorry it came off this way. Let me clarify. VA coverage counts as minimum essential coverage, unless you have some sort of limited benefit VA coverage. The copy-paste part in the second half is just verbatim the types of coverage that count as explained by the IRS.

Simply put, we know that VA coverage counts and that the IRS listed these as the VA coverage types that count. We don’t know more beyond this. But if a reader does we hope they will add their answer (this is the other function of these pages).


I suggest your website does not mislead veterans by cutting and pasting anything from the Affordable Health care or the VA websites on this matter. It is a very complicated issue and has multiple answers depending on circumstances of the veteran.

The following website contacted the VA in Atlanta which is in charge of all enrollment and dis-enrollment (404-828-5257) and ask for Barbra Roberts or her supervisor. They know the real truth as they are the ones getting the dis-enrollment requests from vets stumbling onto this mess. Please read this website as disabled veterans or any veteran who wants to obtain family health insurance and take advantage of the affordable health care subsidy will not be able to if they are enrolled in the VA healthcare system. The disabled vet must dis-enroll to get health insurance for their family unless they are 100% disabled plus Unemployable and are on ChampVA. Note: The VA is not health insurance as pointed out in their own website.

The republicans saved veterans from a small penalty as pointed out in their website and got the government off the hook for disabled veterans care if the veteran wants to get health insurance for his family and has to dis-enroll from the VA.


A lot of answers to a complicated question:



Thanks for the information, I assumed the .gov answers would lead people in the right direction, but always appreciate the details from those who know better first hand.

I think the basic statement though is still generally true: VA coverage generally counts as minimum essential coverage.


I really have a problem with the term “minimum essential coverage” for any veteran. I would like to see the politician who came up with that term give up his or her Cadillac health insurance plan and enroll in the VA health care system for their health care. With the headlines of veterans dying in VA hospitals for lack of proper care or waiting months for cancer treatments the politicians should be ashamed of themselves. Then the politicians put a two year plan in place called “veterans choice” to make everyone think they actually care for the veterans. This veteran’s choice is a joke as the paperwork to use this Choice system is terrible as they bid out the health care request to the lowest bidder. This process takes weeks just to get an appointment with some physician that could be up to 40 miles away.

I wish your website would never tell another veteran he does not have to buy regular health insurance as he has the “minimum essential coverage” by being in the VA non health insurance system. Most people think Obamacare, brainwashed by politicians, is some government run health program. If you want a government run health care system look no further than the VA health care system. The VA is a government health care system at its worst. I will take Obamacare for myself/family and the subsidy, if I qualify, which is just buying health insurance from private insurance companies on a website and choosing my deductible. Knowing I will not go broke or die before I even get health care if something like cancer comes along is way better than the VA non health insurance system.

I lost a good a friend and fellow veteran this summer due to the VA health system not diagnosing him correctly. The VA sent him home from the ER with sepsis.

Thanks for listening

My husband is 30% disabled atm. Because of Obama care, he was given full medical coverage by the VA. So once again, democrats doing things for veterans…GOP only saying it.


Was the question answered? You mentioned “the standard veterans health care program”. I’m a disabled service connected vet and all my care is covered. However it is not the standard VA health care.

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