Autocam in Kentwood, MI was one of the companies that is suing the administration regarding the ACA for religious exemption because of the owner John Kennedy’s Catholic beliefs. At that time it was owned privately by John Kennedy, since then the company has become a publicly-held company. Their insurance policy is still refusing to cover birth control. Is there any recourse? I know religious entities are exempt, but a work-around was made to allow 3rd party coverage. Is there a similar option for for-profits?


A public company can refuse to offer birth control for religious reasons, but a third party must provide free birth control to all employees with coverage.

We detail out the way this works on our "free contraception for employees at exempt employers" page. Essentially they have to let HHS know they won't be offering coverage in writing so a third party can administer coverage for the contraception required by law at no charge.

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Sherrie Perez on

save Rx from bcbs anthem denied my reimbursement for birth control. planned parenthood and my nuva ring was supposed to be covered..I paid for this :/