This past tax year I had to file as a dependent to my father because I am under him for Obama care. I want to have my own Obama care account. How do I separate from his plan?


People filing taxes together should get a family plan together, if you want your own plan simply leave the plan and get individual coverage starting Jan 1st. The new coverage will be based on your annual household income (which if you are filing alone will be just your MAGI). You must make at least 100% of the Federal Poverty Level to get coverage. Keep in mind your family will have one less member of their household so they will qualify for slightly less cost assistance if they are getting cost assistance now.

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Brenda Bond on

my daughter age 23 is a family tax dependent who has never worked (family of 4; approx. $25,000 family AGI); Our family insurance has now taken her off coverage because they say their plan is vested (my retiree State of Alaska plan) and does not allow dependents over age 23 to participate, My daughter is 325 pounds and has social interaction difficulties but no formal diagnoses. PLEASE TELL ME IF SHE QUALIFIES FOR A OBAMACARE PLAN AND most importantly both SUBSIDIES? thank you! (daughters DOB 9-3-1993)