My daughter will be 26 in June this year and she can no longer be covered on my health insurance at my job. She has been out of the country traveling and working since July of 2014 and very well maybe for the entirety of 2015.
When are the ObamaCare requirement for someone in her situation?

Could you please try to point me in the right direction to get my questions answered given her somewhat unique situation.


When someone is on a family plan, but is out of the US and turn 26 they can use the physical presence test to see if they need to get coverage or can wait until they come back. Essentially if someone is outside of the country for 330 days or more in a 12 month period they qualify for an exemption for the requirement to have health insurance. Even if they don't qualify for that there is an exemption for making income below the tax filing limit. If she will claim income over the limit and will be in the country for more than 330 days then she will need to qualify for another exemption, get coverage, or pay the per month fee.

Learn more about the "330 day rule"

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