Obamacare for Millionaires?

If you are a music artist who is uninsured can you qualify for Obamacare exchanges if you have a million dollar income?

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Very good answer, but it answers only part of the question. I understand that if your income over 401% you do not get any assistance. Does that mean that whatever amounts are shown in Column C of Form 1095A will be shown on line 46 of Form 1040? Then, what happens to the monthly premiums I also have been paying? Will I not get credit for those premiums on 1040. Thanks


We went to sign up for Obama care for 2015 and we will given a choice of a monthly premium now we have to pay back all the advance premium because we were above the 400% income bracket but we’re not told this when we signed up now what we went into 2016 also, not sure how we will be able to pay back all that money for 2015 we are looking at 16000 plus interest and penalties


“Income” and “Net Worth” are totally different issues , also part of the big lie . People may be worth millions , divert earnings and “reinvest” . They then show lowered “income” and receive Obamamillionairesubsidies that are paid for by people who actually earn far less .

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