Is Health coverage Mandatory for Nonresident Alien?

If you have are not a permanent resident, or citizen, and only have a visa will you be fined?

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Resident Alien, has green card, has social security number, does not work – has not worked but has $ coming from his home land and he receives free insurance through AHC. I thought, a permanent resident had to have proof of income and not become a ‘public charge’ or a burden to the rest of the US citizens. No tax returns.


I was wondering if non-resident alien such as international students holding F1 visa, and filing tax every year, are eligible to apply for Obamacare?


My wife is a non-resident alien and is applying for a green card. She is not employed and has no income.


Hey, guys, check the question. It reads:

“If you have are not a permanent resident, or citizen, and only have a visa will you be fined?”

Please, fix.


The page has been updated. There are a lot of different immigration statuses so it’s always smart to check with HealthCare.Gov for specifics.

If you file taxes in the US, live in the US for more than a month in a year, and are lawfully present, then you need Major Medical coverage (not travelers insurance or short term health insurance). See a full list of coverage that counts here:


seems clear to me.
I suppose you mean a work visa. with a work visa you are treated as resident for tax and Obamacare (not for Immigration of course). with a work visa you have to file income tax yearly and pay health insurance as any other US citizen.
if it is a tourist visa, then you will not be fined.

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