I qualified for Marketplace Insurance for only seven months last year (Jan through July 2014) because I became eligible for Medicare in August.

My tax return has already been completed. Today, I received an automated phone call that I will be receiving a 1095A Form in the mail within a few days that should be attached to my tax form..

Insofar that I was only eligible for 7 months, and will not be eligible for future Marketplace coverage, do I need to file an amended return to include the 1095-A form?

(I was not due a tax refund for 2014, if that makes any difference)


If you got cost assistance for even one month you need to file 8962 using a 1095-A. This is true even if you no longer need Tax Credits. The 8962 form reconciles advanced tax credit payments. That can mean claiming more credits, that can mean owing more up to the repayment limit. If you didn't file 8962 at all, then yes you should file an amended return. If however, you filed 8962 using an incorrect 1095-A sent in error (you were sent a corrected one later on) you don't need to amend.

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Jerry on

I had assistance for 15 and got 4 months of tax credit assitance from the marketplace . I was trying to start working around April or May of that year but it didn’t happen and they cut off my credit in April. My mom paid the full premium as well as the adjusted amount at the beginning. So she filed her taxes and I have her my 1095a’s. She filed and did the 8962 and claimed me as a dependent. I only made around 3500 that year and my refund if I file is only 40 bucks so I was going to file 15 at the same time as 16. I am currently working for 16 and just got a letter from the Irs saying I need to file a 8962 for 15 or lose my ability to get coverage in 17. My question cause I called the Irs and stayed on hold for hours with no help. She filed my 1095a and did an 8962 from my 1095a and filed me as a dependent , why don’t they see the 8962 was filed and what am I doing wrong to get a letter about it? Should I file my taxes and is there a way to file the 8962 on my taxes cause the tax experts say I just file them since I was claimed as a dependent

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Ok, that is a complicated little story.

So if you got coverage under your name and you filed as single then you do need to produce an 8962 as a rule of thumb. If she also filed you may be able to deal with this by talking to the IRS, but I don’t have any quick snappy information. The thing is, because your income is low, filing an 8962 shouldn’t mean paying more money… yet, the situation is complex and you likely need professional tax assistance either private or from the IRS. https://www.irs.gov/uac/irs-offers-free-tax-help-1