Do I Lose Cost Sharing Amounts I Paid if I Switch Plans?

My husband’s employer has to offer Health ins. To their full time drivers this year. They were unaware of this until the middle of Jan. 2015, and they’re still looking and deciding.

We signed up with ACA again for this year…I’m assuming they will meet the guid lines for it being affordable so we will have to switch to their plan..

Our question is, my husband has had numerous test, scans and was diagnosed with mild COPD, and a small lesion in lung that will need CT SCANS every 3 month for the next 2-3 years to monitor it…we met our out-of-pocket co-pay already, but if we have to switch, would we have to meet that insurance out of pocket co pay?

We’re looking at an incredible cost and would truly be a hardship for’s where we are considering for him to go on early retirement (he’s 62.5) and quit or even go part time to afford not going on another insurance, his health is okay considering the above, so what’s the scoop on our dilemma?

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