My current work place isn’t sure if I have to accept their insurance through my work place or if I can stay with Obamacare. Do I have to switch to my employer health plan from my ObamaCare plan or can I keep my ObamaCare plan and cost assistance.


If you have access to an employer health plan you can't get ObamaCare's subsidies, you can keep the plan without subsidies or switch to an employer plan.

You can't get cost assistance subsidies if you have access to an affordable employer sponsored health plan, this means the best bet is typically to switch to the employer plan. You can opt to keep the ObamaCare plan without subsidies too, just let the Marketplace know that you'll have access to employer based coverage starting on X date, so your subsidies can be stopped by that date.

Keep in mind if you decline employer health coverage you won't be able to get the employer plan again until their next open enrollment period. Also keep in mind that if you accept cost assistance, but shouldn't be getting it, you'll be required to pay back the full amount of Advanced Premium Tax Credits you take on form 8962 at the end of the year. This is all true even if the employer health plan you have access to is through a spouse.

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