Disabled Cannot Work

I am on Workmen’s Compensation I broke my neck on the job and cannot work. I am 100% disabled. Workers compensation pays some of my medical, but not all of it. Can I get ObamaCare insurance? What do I do?

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I am in a simular situation. When I was working I had insurance through the marketplace, and kept it after my injury (I am still on workers comp 1.5 years later with herniated discs, and back problems). I recently found out workers compensation income is not taxable so I needed to update a “life change”, which was hoping would lower it as this injury costs me a lot of money in things that workers compensation does not cover.

Problem is when you update a life change and put in zero income it refers you to your state Medicaid (in my case Pennsylvania). I was denied coverage in PA for medicaid for unknown reasons, and had to resubmit another application with healthcare.gov. Problem is because have zero income (because workers comp) does not count as income, I am not eligible for any premium tax credits. The person on the phone called this a “dark corner”, so now the only way I can get health insurance is if I pay the same rate as someone who makes too much to qualify, but I MAKE TOO LITTLE! So i am backed into a dark corner myself, because I need to have health insurance for things not covered by my workers comp claim, but I can’t afford to pay for it.

Any advice?

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