Who Chooses My Insurance Company?

For most of my 16 year olds life we have had Kaiser as our insurance company, and have been very very happy with them!

Recently my husband changed employers and according to him and I quote, “he filled out all necessary paperwork and turned it into his employer for our health insurance”.

He told me that we could still stay with Kaiser according to what his employer had told him!

Some time later I received health cards for Blue Cross and immediately called my husband to find out what happened! His exact words to me were that his employer said, “we could not have Kaiser under the Obama Care Act!”

This act prevented the employer from giving this to us!!!! So my question to you all is that true?? If that is the truth then pleases explain to me why!! By the way this employer has way less then 50 employees!

Thank You! Kelly C

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Thanks so much for the quick response!! You answered every thing I asked!! That was awesome! Once again I can’t thank you enough!! I would definitely recommend this site to everybody!

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