For most of my 16 year olds life we have had Kaiser as our insurance company, and have been very very happy with them!

Recently my husband changed employers and according to him and I quote, “he filled out all necessary paperwork and turned it into his employer for our health insurance”.

He told me that we could still stay with Kaiser according to what his employer had told him!

Some time later I received health cards for Blue Cross and immediately called my husband to find out what happened! His exact words to me were that his employer said, “we could not have Kaiser under the Obama Care Act!”

This act prevented the employer from giving this to us!!!! So my question to you all is that true?? If that is the truth then pleases explain to me why!! By the way this employer has way less then 50 employees!

Thank You! Kelly C


This is not true. The way employer insurance works is that only certain insurers participate in certain markets. The employer either did not have Kaiser as a choice, or could not find an affordable Kaiser plan, or simply decided to go with BCBS and is using the law as an excuse.

That being said, your employer is in charge of offering plans, it is your choice to accept or not. The root issue here is that one of the short comings of employer based coverage is that it takes the choice out of the hands of the employee and their family. This isn't new under the ACA.

The good news is BCBS is also a great insurer. Most likely they will have a similar network. So look into the plan and see if it works for you. If it doesn't you can shop for coverage, but you'll miss out on employer contributions. Meaning our advice is to take the plan if it works for you. You could potentially ask the employer to simply not offer you coverage and to fill out an employer coverage tool to allow you to get cost assistance on the Marketplace if you are eligible. Although we are running out of time on that one for 2015. Only have until Feb 15, 2015 for coverage for 2015.

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Thanks so much for the quick response!! You answered every thing I asked!! That was awesome! Once again I can’t thank you enough!! I would definitely recommend this site to everybody!