I am a 22 years old U.S citizen, I’m living with my mom but she works in Mexico. Do I qualify for the Obamacare?


If you aren't residing in the US then you probably won't want a Marketplace plan. Plans for the most part are regional. If you are living primarily in the US, then you qualify based on income and can certainly get a plan, contact HealthCare.Gov. There are specific rules for whether or not you need coverage based on the amount of time you spend in the US per year. Moving qualifies you for a special enrollment period, so you have lots of factors and options to weigh.

If you travel within the US. Consider a Multi-State plan.

U.S. citizens living in a foreign country for at least 330 days of a 12-month period are not required to get health insurance coverage for that 12-month period. If you're uninsured and living abroad under this definition, you don't have to pay the fee that other uninsured U.S. citizens may have to pay.

See question 12 on this IRS document to learn more about the rules for people living abroad.

Generally, health insurance coverage in the Marketplace covers health care provided by doctors, hospitals, and other providers within the United States. If you're living abroad, it's important to know this before you consider buying Marketplace insurance.

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rob westholm on

if i live in thailand. and need surgery , knee replacements, american and nz citzenship , born USA, can i get obama care while in thailand , i live here because i have long time partner and kids , i worked in the US up to the late 1990s then in NZ TILL recently , its so much cheaper to get surgery here in thailand

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Insurance you get on the Marketplace will only help you in the United States, you need travelers insurance or a local insurance when traveling. Healthcare is cheaper in many parts of the world, some argue that the quality isn’t there… but of course that isn’t always the case. So in short, you may be able to get health insurance through ObamaCare being a US citizen (if you have a residence here), but it wouldn’t do you any good in this situation.