I was wondering if you can claim a dependent on income.. While the dependent is under someone else’s obamacare? My boyfriend claims his sister since he helps his parent with most of the stuff. But since he was out of town working, and he wasn’t present, his parents enlisted his sister under their obamacare. Can he still claim her or does he have to have her under his insurance?


Cost assistance is based on household income, so whomever claims the dependent should also provide coverage. If he got cost assistance based on her coverage, then he should claim her. What he can do is claim credits for months she was on his plan, and claim her as dependent for those months. This is done using the Premium Tax Credit Form.

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Dava Williams on


Can I claim someone in my household if they are enrolled in Obama care health insurance, they do not pay anything for the insurance because they have no income at all. So am I allowed to claim them without affecting their government benefits?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

No, if you claim someone it will add to your household size and you will be responsible for getting them coverage. Not a bad move, but you need to think ahead on the implications.

Joon on

Can I claim mother as a dependent in personal tax return if she is enrolled in Obama care?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Whomever files together is a tax family for the purposes of the ACA. Typically makes sense to have the tax family and coverage family be the same, but every situation is different.

So, if your mother is enrolled using her own income and then you file she will then get credits based on your income and really should have been on a family plan with you if you have one. Does that make sense?

You can always call healthcare.gov for direct assistance (or the IRS, although they tend to be harder to reach sans their free help line).

Aki on

I pay for my own health insurance, but my sister supports me on housing and food. Can she still claim me as her dependent?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It could get tricky because there are a few different considerations to take when trying to figure out who files for what. You may want to seek professional assistance, including via the IRS’s helpline. https://www.irs.gov/uac/irs-offers-new-toll-free-numbers-to-assist-taxpayers

Jennifer on

I am claiming my minor son as a dependent however his father whom is my ex husband had Obamacare on him for half of last year (2016). Since i am claiming him. What would my ex husband claim, will that cause issues on my tax return? When i filed my taxes last year there seemed to have been a problem involving the 1095 form, that put my return on hold for 3 months. This is all so confusing to me. I’ve called the IRS but i don’t feel i got a clear answer.

Erin on

This is one area that is a bit more complicated. The mandate requires anyone who is in your tax family (those claimed as dependents) for the year to ensure that the dependents are covered. This created a lot of stress for non-custodial parents who want to or are even court ordered to cover the children’s health insurance. If your husband’s income is high and he isn’t eligible for cost assistance, then you simply need to ask him for a copy of the 1095 to show that the kids were covered. If he is wanting cost assistance, you guys can agree to split the dependency on your taxes, but it can only be split in a specific way (so you would be eligible for some of the dependent credits and your son’s father would be eligible for the others). There is also a form you must sign and provide to your son’s father to send in with his tax return. It’s not always the most tax beneficial arrangement, so you’ll want to talk it over and look at both scenarios for filing. This question’s answer has more information and links.

karen on

today’s date:2-5-2017)

i earn under 26,000. gross a year , the person living with me has no job, is getting free health care through Obama care(as we call it) , i supported this person for over 12 months, even tho they are getting health care for free, can i claim them as a dependent ?.

they have proof they are getting free health care.

Brad Ferguson on

My exwife lives with me and is my dependent but has no income. Can I get her on my healthcare.gov policy?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

As a rule of thumb, you cannot cover a divorced spouse under your health plan. However, there are some situations that provide a sort of exception to this rule.

If you have a domestic partnership and claim a person as your tax dependent and/or have a kid together, then you can add that person to your health plan (there are special rules for Qualified Domestic Partners (QDPs)).

Therefore although the general answer is that you cannot cover a divorced spouse under your health plan, if an ex is currently an unmarried domestic partner who meets the above criteria, then there may be options. You should let healthcare.gov know the specifics of your situation so they can help you get the right plan!