To be clear does. . . “Women will no longer be charged more for their insurance coverage just for being women. Under a practice known as “gender rating,” insurers currently charge women higher premiums than men for identical health benefits. As a result, women now pay $1 billion more than men each year for the same health plans in the individual market. As of 2014, however, under the Affordable Care Act, gender rating will become illegal in all new individual and small group plans.” . . .mean that if the premiums for a female are more than those for a male (in the same age range) that is illegal? Example, with an employer provided plan, the premiums for a female age 35-39 is $65.20, but for a male 35-39 it is $38.24. . .


Gender ratings (charging women more than men for health coverage or vice-versa) are illegal under the ACA, some plans are grandfathered in and can charge more based on gender and discriminate based on health. The important part of the law in this regard is that all "new" plans (those established after March 2010) must adhere to the new ACA rules. Unfortunately, even today, if your employer like's it's old discriminatory plan "it can keep it". For example public teacher's health plans in South Carolina don't cover contraception.

Learn more about the ban on discrimination under the ACA.

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