52 Week Waiting Period For ObamaCare?

Is it true if you work at a restaurant, they can make you wait 52 weeks with an average of 32 hours per week, to get insurance?

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Village Inn is still telling me I have to wait 52 weeks no matter what. I think this is wrong and outrageous. I hope someone contacts the company and informs them of the new law.


Well there are a number of ways to report them to CMS, HHS, IRS, BBB, etc…. All of this being said you may simply want to inform them that you have done some research and think they may be misunderstanding things. They are thinking of the 12 month look-back period for determining full-time employees for the purposes of the mandate… That is meant for a business to see if they must offer coverage. If they have to, or choose to, offer coverage they must then comply with the law. That is no more than a 90 day waiting period and 30 plus hours and not 32. They could get hit with a massive fee from the IRS for getting things this wrong so it would be in their interest to comply.

All the above being said, if there is some hidden IRS rule about 52 weeks that someone can show us we are happy to address it. We are an unofficial site and don’t offer official advice, but haven’t in our years of researching the ACA heard anything but what we are reporting here.

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