The Senate HealthCare Bill (TrumpCare) Explained

Everything You Need To Know About the Senate’s ObamaCare Repeal and Replace Bill (the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 Explained) We explain the Senate revision of the House’s American Health Care Act (TrumpCare AKA the Senate’s ObamaCare repeal and replace plan). The bill was just released today, so we need time to do a… Read More

The Difference Between ObamaCare and TrumpCare

TrumpCare vs. ObamaCare What is Different About the American Health Care Act / Better Care Reconciliation Act (TrumpCare) and the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)? We explain the difference between ObamaCare and TrumpCare to show how TrumpCare (the American Health Care Act / Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017) and ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) are different. The goal of this… Read More

Facts on the American Health Care Act

Everything You Need to Know About the American Health Care Act Below is an unbiased list of everything you need to know about the American Health Care Act (the ObamaCare replacement plan some call TrumpCare). UPDATE 2019: This plan never passed, and thus some specifics here are of historical interest only. TIP: Everything below is subject… Read More

The “Continuous Coverage Exclusion” For Pre-Existing Conditions

Understanding the GOP Pre-Existing Condition “Continuous Coverage Exclusion” Provision The Affordable Care Act eliminated preexisting conditions, but almost all GOP plans (including Tom Price’s plan) bring them back via a “Continuous Coverage Exclusion” for pre-existing conditions. TrumpCare (the American Health Care Act) and the Continuous Coverage Provision As predicted in the article below, the newest House… Read More

ObamaCare Fee 2017

The Individual Mandate Fee for 2017: Not Having Health Insurance in 2017 Although the 2017 ObamaCare fee isn’t published yet, we can look at the 2016 fees to get a rough estimate of the penalty for not having health insurance in 2017. “For 2016 the annual fee for not having insurance was $695 per adult and $347.50 per child… Read More

ObamaCare News Archives 2012 – 2014

ObamaCare News Archives Below you will find our archive of news articles on the Affordable Care Act from 2012 – 2014, see our current ObamaCare news section for recent news related to the ACA. ObamaCare News November 2014 Should I Shop Inside or Outside of the Marketplace? Published November 20th, 2014 by ObamaCare Facts Most of… Read More

Health Insurance Cancellation Reform for Non-Payment

Health Insurance Cancellation

Health Insurance Cancellation Reform – Prohibition on Rescissions for Non-Payment in the Individual and Family Market. Below is a proposed solution to the problem of health insurance cancellations for non-payment. If your health plan has been dropped due to non-payment, please share your story here. The problem: Despite the fact that the ACA has done a lot to crack… Read More

TrumpCare Explained

What is TrumpCare? “TrumpCare” describes health care reform under Donald Trump. We explain TrumpCare and how it is different than ObamaCare. An Introduction to the Many HealthCare Bills, Regulations, and Ideas We Call “TrumpCare.” Below we explain different aspects of TrumpCare. When people say “TrumpCare” they are essentially referring to healthcare changes made, attempted to be… Read More

King V Burwell Simplified

We’ve simplified King V Burwell, the ObamaCare subsidy lawsuit. We explain the Supreme Court case, its history, ideology, and outcome in simple terms. King V Burwell Summary King V Burwell was a lawsuit heard by the Supreme Court in 2015. It challenged the legality of subsidies issued by the IRS on behalf of states that used… Read More

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