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Open Enrollment is Here Despite Hurricanes and Wildfires.

It’s Open Enrollment! Participating in open enrollment is essential even if you have been affected by the hurricanes and wildfires or are dealing with other pressing issues. It is open enrollment for both Medicare and the ACA in November and early December of 2017. Trump has talked a lot about repealing the Affordable Care Act and… Read More

Trump’s Recent HealthCare Claims Fact-Checked

Trump’s Claims That 2 Million More People Just Dropped out of ObamaCare, that ObamaCare is in a Death Spiral, and that Democrats are Obstructing Fact-Checked Trump claimed a lot of things about healthcare recently, we fact-check some key claims like “2 million more people just dropped out of ObamaCare.” Claim: Trump recently tweeted “2 million more people… Read More

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