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ObamaCare 2014 Midterms

How is ObamaCare Affected by the 2014 Midterms? How do the 2014 midterm elections affect ObamaCare? Victories for Republicans in the House and Senate could mean trouble for ObamaCare’s key provisions.  Republicans are pretty out-spoken about their dislike of some of ObamaCare’s major provisions like the medical device tax, medicaid expansion, the individual mandate, and…

Getting Ready For Open Enrollment 2015

ObamaCare’s open enrollment period for 2015 starts on November 15th, 2014 and ends on February 15th, 2015.  Let’s review the most important things to know about open enrollment in the health insurance marketplace for 2015. • Open enrollment is the only time you can get cost assistance, enroll in a plan, or change plans.  This is true whether you…

ObamaCare CDC Report

A new CDC report shows the largest decrease in the uninsured rate was recorded among young adults age 19-25, from 19.8 percent in 2013 to 14.9 percent in first quarter of 2014. Was it the the expansion of Medicaid, woodworking effects, under 26 young adults staying on their parents plan, subsidies that 82% of uninsured…

Walmart and ObamaCare

ObamaCare’s impact on Walmart seem to have brought a new business opportunity, and a sad day for employees. Walmart cut back benefits for part-time workers in an effort to cut healthcare costs before the looming 2015 mandate to insure full-time workers. The end result of Walmarts reaction to ObamaCare for the employees won’t be too…

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Hurts Doctors?

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Hurts Doctors?  This Argument is a Fail, Much Like Alabama’s refusal to expand Medicaid. A recent video complains that electronic health records (EHR) mandated by the ACA hurts doctors.  But, in reality EHR improves healthcare drastically. The the video Mo Brooks complains that having to keep digital records (EHR) and use a…

ObamaCare Propaganda Video – Culling the Heard

We Dispel This Propaganda Video With the Facts Just had this silly(?) ObamaCare propaganda video posted in the comments section. Let’s set the facts straight on the tastefully named “Obamacare culling the heard video”… not because it is super popular, but because it encapsulates the what-if negative conspiracy theory view on the law that continues…

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