Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style

Watch Sicker and Sicker and “Find Out What Happens When the Government Becomes Your Doctor”… And Then Get the Facts on the Movie’s Claims.

Find out how to watch “Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style,” and then get the facts behind the movie. We did the research to help you figure out the truth behind the maker of the film and the points the film makes.

Watch Sick and Sicker online now courtesy of freestarmedia’s youtube channel.

The Background on Sick and Sicker

At we dig through the news daily to figure out what the world is saying about healthcare and the Affordable Care Act, and today we stumbled upon something odd. Logan Darrow Clements, a documentarian, created a documentary called “Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style”. Logan also seems to be getting audited by the IRS.

Logan is using the opportunity to claim that it is an attempt to shut down his “new” documentary. The recent controversy might have you thinking the movie hasn’t come out yet, that was our first thought too, but a little Internet digging is showing that the movie was first released in 2010. Odd.

Logan explains his Audit and his plans for Sick and Sicker.

Facts on Sick and Sicker and Logan Clements

OK, oddness aside, we don’t want to dismiss this man or the narrative surrounding him based on the little data we have.  Let’s look at the facts we do have on Sick and Sicker and see what kind of picture it paints:

  • The Movie Was released in 2010. No one stopped him then, today in 2014 after being audited, it seems we may be being tricked into thinking this documentary is new and therefore somehow more relevant. Maybe, this could have been an unfinished version?
  • The version that you can see above showcases what is wrong with Canada’s universal healthcare solution. The ACA isn’t universal healthcare…
  • …The Affordable Care Act Isn’t socialized Medicine like Canada. It simply regulates and subsidizes the free market (ie. we have both public and private health insurance and mostly private healthcare delivery). So the comparison between the ACA and Canada is fairly useless in practice.
  • Logan claims he couldn’t just give away his film and instead wants people to pay for it and screen it. Couldn’t or wouldn’t? We argue that this model works just fine for folks who make a good movie.

The Take Away

Canada’s solution to healthcare isn’t going to cut it in the US. In healthcare there is often an issue of demand exceeding supply, in America the solution is that those with money get to play and those in certain income brackets don’t. The ACA balances the idea of healthcare for all and a free-market system that uses income and access to balance supply and demand. The ACA increases supply and allows more people access to the system, protects those who do have access, and fine-tunes the health care industry to further meet these demands in the future. As it stands today this documentary (the 2010 version we could get our hands on at least) makes one big misstep, it misunderstands what the ACA is and what it does for America. That is so 2010.

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