Family of three, had a great insurance through a p.p.o. was able to have a secondary on top of it. First baby the total out of pocket expenses was 100 bucks. In comes A.C.A. I lose my coverage because of the new restrictions. We were lied to. ” you can keep your plan” and “you can keep your doctor” Neither are true. It was a flat lie.

Baby number two comes. Close to 1500 out of pocket for a less stressful and shorter pregnancy. I am beyond frustrated with the A.C.A. I want my insurance back.

What do you think?

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Duncan on

I,m in the same situation, the sooner this train wreck goes away the better, a complete fiasco. A lie.

Mark on

My company, like many, is now eliminating our long-standing PPO option ahead of the “Cadillac tax” that is imposed by Obamacare. A 40% excise tax is motivation enough for them. Our only option next year are two variants of what I call “catastrophic” insurance. Extremely high deductible and much higher “out of pocket” limits per year. I will now have to purchase “gap” or “supplemental” health care insurance to get me back to where I was before Obamacare. Directly or indirectly, we are once again the victim of this administration’s “redistribution of wealth”. They lied about “you get to keep your insurance coverages”. We now receive inferior health insurance plans due to the taxes being imposed to help pay for the subsidies to the uninsured. This is not “raising” everyone to a standard. It really is lowering the majority to an undesired level and making everyone equally underinsured.

John Simone on

Me and my family are also losing the plan we had for the past 6 years. Obamacare is making our plan illegal next year. So we have to go on the exchange and pay $1,400 a month for far less coverage and much higher deductibles.

Since when is this affordable? When am I going to get my $2,500 a year savings you promised???

Deserner on

I weep when I read such stories. Obamacare is a fiasco, destroying any faith in the American health system. Thank goodness Obama ,is leaving the White House.

Z on

Why/how did you lose your insurance?