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I need advice. I pay my premiums online around the second week of each month. Somehow I inexplicably missed the July payment, having no idea I had not paid it until I went online on August 12th to pay my August payment. Even though it said 2 months payment due (for coverage 7/01-9/01), it wouldn’t let me pay. When I called Blue Cross to say I was having trouble getting the payment to go through, they informed me I was cancelled. I was devastated. It was an honest mistake that I am paying dearly for. They said a notice had been sent but I never saw it at the time. I mailed the payment for the 2 months anyway while I requested a reinstatement. They kept the money so far but have said no to reinstatement. Now I can’t even get insurance. My question is, was my private insurance company suppose to give me 30 days notice before cancelling? If so, do I need a lawyer? Please advise. I am paying dearly for an honest oversight.

EDITOR: In this situation you can and should appeal. There are tiers of internal and external appeal which should generally be followed in order. Here is the version, here is our version of the process. Your insurer will direct you through the proper channels, but it is good to understand your rights. Make sure not to miss your window of opportunity to take action by acting ASAP (as described in the links).

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