Husband Needs Surgery and No One Will Touch Him Because he is on ObamaCare – Story

My husband has been suffering for almost 16 mos now. The ligaments are almost completely torn loose from the base of his skull. He has been told that if he receives a hard blow to the head that it will kill him. It’s even risky to be on the road these days and being fearful of someone hitting your vehicle. It’s a shame that physicians take the all mighty dollar over a persons life that could be saved. What is our country coming too? I don’t know what we are going to do at the end of the year. He cannot work and it is very hard on me trying to hold down the load. But what gets me the most is that no one will help. And the insurance is playing games with us. We feel like we are on a continued revolving door or merry go round with no light at the end of the tunnel. He feels he will die by the year’s end if this does not get fixed quickly. It has been too long and the pain he is in daily. I cry so much for him and cannot even help him except to love him and give my support. 29 years with someone is a long time.

EDITOR: In states that expanded Medicaid a public hospital and Medicaid will typically result in the care a person needs. In states that haven’t embraced the ACA, and especially in those regions where ACA insurance is discriminated against, it gets more difficult. I strongly suggest reaching out to public hospitals, state Medicaid, your insurer,, and seeing if you can’t get on a better path.

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