Falsely Dropping Me

I was notified after my early retirement from an “insurance broker” to help me find a plan under the affordable care act. When I told them the info that they required, (income, taxes, SS, ect.) they recommended United Health Care. I signed up and they charged me $126/month rather than regular price of $800+. The broker wanted me to send documentation of my mentioned above income. I mailed in April my tax, part time job income, and SS income info. On July 1 when my $126 was to come out of my bank account, the $800+ was remove instead. When I required as to why I was told that they never received my income info. Found out that the “brokers” were part of United Health Care and that they were pulling out of Missouri (where I’m from) at the end of this year anyway due to losses. Now I’m without health insurance. I don’t blame Obama Care on this, I blame United Health Care since I had dealings with them years ago. There needs to be a fix here.

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I was dropped from AMBETTER for a clerical mistake that they made, and thus here I sit without insurance and have had cancer. The mistake that was made by them would have been corrected the first year of OBAMA care without question, but not this 2017 year!!!! What happened? Why, and who is responsible.????????
I signed up on the phone with a rep from AMBETTER and finished my policy that day in which I would pay $90.00 per month. I have had this plan for 4 years straight with my income staying the same. However, I continued to get email after email after email stating that I needed to finished my policy. I ignored it due to signing up with the rep but after so many emails I opened it up and it led me to a very confusing page that somehow made a second policy on me for $485.00 a month. How this happened without proof of my income raising is beyond my comprehension.?
I called and a rep told me not to pay my $90 premium until the $485.00 policy dropped off, which would take 10 days. Well they dropped my $90 policy and not the $485.00 policy. I called again and the rep told me that it would take 10 days to rectify. I waited on some kind of call, email, or something from them and nothing. I finally called back and was told I was dropped for non payment and that they would put my case before and panel for reinstatement but would take 30 days. Well, 30 days passed and it had not been sent. I was told that it would be sent again and would take 30 days, as I wait and wait and finally told I would not be reinstated for non payment. I told the rep that I would pay in full all back pay to get my insurance back. I had laryngenal cancer and need to continue to see my doctor to make sure I am clean of cancer. I was given the run around and now see that I am not alone with the evilness that AMBETTER Marketplace is doing to people all over. You try and pay your premium and they wont take it, then blame you for non payment. I am sure the state of GA and it’s Ambetter Marketplace is BANKRUPT and doing anything they can to drop their clients. Especially ones with cancer…..I know in the past 4 years of paying my premium I might have been a month behind and I was not dropped they just called me and I would pay in full then. This year 2017 I have not received one call concerning my policy or policies? I also couldn’t count the times that I had autopay set up and it never went through to pay for my insurance. To me this sounds like this company sabotages people to make mistakes that make it easy for them to drop people. Like I stated before the first 4 years I signed up for Obama Care I had no issues at all until this year. I was willing to pay the premium that I could afford and do not understand why I continued to get emails stating that I had not finished my application which somehow made a 2nd policy that screwed up my ability to be insured. I am an educated woman and see that anything that has to do with the government and healthcare is an obstacle coarse that takes you for a ride you never signed up for because nothing is consistent, routine, and reliable. I am stressed, hurt, and very disappointed with the circumstance I am in and feel like no one understands or even cares and I want answers. I have all the documentation and notes from insurance co including statements for the same month for the 2 policies taken out on me. How could I afford a $485.00 premium if my income had not changed and proven to the insurance company? All I want is my insurance to be reinstated and some communication from someone who can explain to me what has happened?


I am 28 years old single mother trying to make it tru in this life . I got Obama care BCBS. I paid insurance bill every month on time for last year June 2016- to now on today is June 2017 . I gets allergy shots every week because I have a very bad asthma and very bad allergy . If I don’t take my allergy shots then I will be sick all the time and can’t work and can’t pay my bills . Long story short . Yesterday June 13-2017 I got a phone call from my allergy doctor and saying she received paper said 1500$ that they have to pay back to BCBS because i never had a insurance last year . Well I have a receipt and I have a my bank statement saying that I paid all the months last year 2016 . So now my allergy doctor telling me they have to charge me the 1500$ because BCBS send them a letter saying that my insurance was started July2016 and got canceled July 2016 . How is that ???? This is BS . Because they never notice me with any kind paper last year or this year saying I didn’t had insurance last year . Why all this happening ? I dnt know but I am printing all my receipts and all my bank statement and fax them to BCBS . This is not right . Any information you all have or complains put on here . No one should get treated like this . Because how can u charge me every month and paid every month on time . And telling me I didn’t have insurance last year ???? Today is June 14-2017 . If it was canceled last year then why did they keep taking the payments until now on . ? And why didn’t they send me paper ????? Is obama care helping us or hurting us ????

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