Did BCBS Cancel Your Plan Mid Year? Share Your Story and Let Them Know it is Not OK to Leave Hardworking Americans Without Coverage.

We have seen an influx people who claim that BCBS has cancelled their insurance with little or no prior notice due to billing errors. If this has happened to you share your story below. Details welcome.

You sharing your story will help us to understand if this issue is related to a specific region, a specific insurer, or is an overarching problem. It seems to have started last month or so and has ramped up in the past week.

We are currently suggesting a reform for 12-month continuous enrollment (which would solve issues related to rescission due to non-payment and open enrollment).

In today’s market a plan drop for non-payment means no coverage for the rest of the year and owing the fee. Even though people have appeal rights, they don’t understand them, and statistically this will still result in plan drops for no reason. This is not acceptable to me, and I know it isn’t to our readers who struggled to pay their premium for half the year only to be dropped through a loophole and left without coverage for the family and the fee.

We have seen far too many comments saying the same thing recently, its time to spread awareness and take action.

The first step, let’s collect some stories. Post your experience with ObamaCare and BCBS (or another insurer who has falsely dropped you from your health plan) below.

Example Stories from Our Readers:

  • That’s horrible! The mistake I made, according to BCBS, was sign up with the healthcare marketplace. They will feed every excuse in the book, they are never held accountable but be a minute late on payments or encounter a clerical error and they drop you like a hot potato. At some point, they need to give back instead of take everything.
  • I was cancelled without any notice. I made a payment  on 4/6/  2016 ad Pressure and had not received a bill and called and found out that my policy had been cancelled without any notification. I have High Blood pressure and and am on medication. I have been with BCBS for a long time and do not understand why I was not notified. When I made my last payment by phone I asked how much I owed and made the payment. Now I am uninsured and out of my payments that I made after receiving 3 different cards from BCBS with my plan changing without my permission. All different Plans. I fell like I have a law suit here as I am uninsured and will have to find other insurance. It will be hard to do as I have been cancelled without notice.
  • Yes, our overall medical premiums increased $65/ month when my husband went on Medicare. However, we are still paying almost a third of what we had to pay per month before Obamacare. As self employed people, our insurance premiums were financially crushing us. Also, before Obamacare, BCBS routinely denied coverage of care clearly covered by the policy, and was consistently miserable to deal with. Obamacare is far from ideal, but the system pre Obamacare was leaving far too many uninsured and causing medical bankruptcies. I think my husband’s income should still count when he switched to Medicare because it is still family income! Hopefully, Obamacare will improve, but I greatly prefer the level of “screwing” I get from Obamacare over the absolute insanity and massive “screwing” of the previous system.

… This goes on, and on, and on… but you get the gist. People with money in the bank get dropped via a billing loophole and have no recourse, meanwhile the IRS get their check via the fee and the insurer gets to take the money and run, all while the middle class family is hung out to dry. This can not and should not go on.

What do you think?

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Mary Dobson on

I missed a payment and BCBS cancelled my coverage. I am pregnant. This will put my husband and I, hard working sole proprietors, in debt. We are devastated. I always pay my bills on time. I appealed and they are saying it’s my error and I’m out of luck.

Randall Suttle on

Who did you contact with this ?
I have similar problem with bcbs

John on

My family has been terminated from blue cross for life is what I was just told over the phone from one of their spokesmans. I have been fighting the same problem with them since 2014 when they said I was late a payment. I payed 3 months of payments in one month and it turned out that they owed me money…. Instead of letting me know, I was “credited” which never happened. A month later they terminated my policy with my new born just arriving. When that was settled after phone calls of phone calls, excuses over excuses, they finally came to the conclusion that I owed 5.75 and that was the late payment. Really? It gets better after that. The computer never registered that the payment were on time, and always showed I had a late balance. After another hundred or so phone calls to blue cross, I was told every time to give the computer a month or two to process. It never did, and once again they terminated my families plan. I was told by a representative in the corporate office that I had to appeal. I did, and made a phone call to the company every week, and was always told I would get contacted back in 5-6 days. It’s been three months. No insurance for my family, and was also told that I do have a new born that will be added the month of August. As far as I am aware, we do not have a new born, but my daughters birthday is this month. Once again, I explained their is something wrong with the computer system and its not reading my information right. I was put on hold for 43 minutes only to be told that I am no longer able to be with blue cross because of my history. A history that they created for me, not one that I did myself. It’s really not about money or payments. If I missed or had to pay, I would. But if I didn’t, I don’t see how we should just be handing money over to a big company who is clearly screwing up and doing this to hundreds of families. My wife and I work so hard for our daughter to grow up best she can, and this is the reward. To debate in going to the pediatrician, or going to the doctor, for fear that one bill will put us on the street. The end of the year we may be hit with a fine? For what? For a companies mistake? I can’t believe I have to even be writing this. This is what America is turning into.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It is really uncomfortable to be punished for a mistake, and then stuck with no insurance due to open enrollment. Lots of pressing issues in America, but this one is a heck of sticking point. We write about it a lot, help spread the word. Google “health plan drops for non-payment”, we are pretty much one of the main sources raising a fuss… it is NOT a popular issue and doesn’t have the support it needs for change to be enacted. Your help is appreciated!


Nichole on

America is really disappointing me!! Sometimes I feel like I don’t even want to live here anymore. Like I am NOT proud to be an American anymore!! So many people are struggling to live, I mean really struggling and every company I have to deal with, they just do not care. There is no consideration for any situation anymore. I have been told so many times, “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more I can do.” REALLY, what have you done to help me this far, NOTHING!!! I have Obamacare and had to go through an appeal, I was given a 7 day extension to get in the information they needed. I sent the information in that was due on the due date. In the mean time there must have been mis communication, because they sent me a letter stating I needed a hearing. After I won my appeal, I questioned why I had a hearing when the paper work I turned in was the same info that won my appeal. Well someone didn’t see the extended date I was given and they sent the letter out saying I needed a hearing, before I even got to the extended date. So I had a hearing and all that time waiting for a decision and sobbing because I could not afford the premium without the subsidy and had. No insurance for 3 moths and had to pay out of pocket for my scripts for 3 months at a total of 1,800.my house is in foreclosure and we are losing everything. Paying for my scripts has dug us in an even deeper hole. So I win the appeal and they asked me when should they retro my insurance back to. I asked them, to give me advice and they said they couldn’t. So I went back to when it was first taken away. I got a bill from BCBS for $1,800.i called them crying begging for them to change the retro date to August, because I will lose my insurance outright because I cannot afford $1,800. They will not change it. I have several serious health conditions and I was crying begging for them to just change the retro date. Once again I was told, sorry there is nothing I can do for you. I said you guys can do whatever you want to do! It’s changing a date, really! So now I will never get my insurance back cuz I cannot afford the premium. But they can make a huge mistake but can’t help me out when I do? I said I don’t know if people know, but I am a human being, that desperately needs my insurance back and they STILL won’t change the date. People are so heartless now a days. It’s really sad, it truly is

Tasha Fields on

We are also self-employed married couple, healthy, thank God and with a child. We have been paying our premiums for almost a year, only requiring service once for a well-child visit. Well it has been difficult to pay this last month because of several changes in income and with ONE MISSING PAYMENT Emblem Health cancelled the policy. This is after receiving almost $6,000 of our hard earned money which we requested the bare minimum of service. So now it seems impossible to enroll in any other plan – so what now???? Are we supposed to be without any coverage until enrollment begins again and then get penalized for not having coverage when the reason we didn’t have coverage is because our policy was cancelled prematurely??? What kind of spiders web is this? We are not allowed to enroll but then penalized for not having coverage? I supported Obama Care but it is screwing us BIG TIME. As I mentioned we have a child. Now what??????

Pam on

I signed up for automatic drafts to pay my health insurance through Blue Cross. In May I called and spent about 75 minutes over several different days before someone was available to talk with me. I had discovered that my bills had not been drafted and my insurance was cancelled. We spent an additional 60 minutes on the phone “bringing the account up to date” and resetting the automatic drafts. We made payments through the end of June. Several days ago…I got a letter from BCBS NC that I have been cancelled for “Non payment” as of mid August 2016. They have not been drafting my payments even though we spent agreed to set it up and I completed the set up while the agent was on the phone with me in May 2016.
. I am not sure what to do —but I suppose I have to wait until 2017 to start again with a DIFFERENT company!!! I am self employed and do not have access to other insurance.

Melissa on

My husband and I used to have insurance through Health Plus. I have a history of knee problems and we switched to BCBS so I could go straight to any specialist I may need without always needing a referral. We have had BCBS less than 6 months. Recently, my husbands name was one of a few names in his office chosen by BCBS for audit. He was told to call the number provided. He called immediately and was asked if he and I were still married. He confirmed that we were and they told him that was all the information they needed and we were all set. I recently found out that I am pregnant. I just recieved a call from the billing department of my OBGYN informing me that my insurance policy has been canceled. My husband immediately got ahold of his benefits rep at work. BCBS canceled me because they need proof that I am still married to my husband. 1. They told him over the phone when he called that we were fine and no further action on our part was needed. 2. We have been married for ten years (together for twenty), have two children together, have never seperated, have never so much as spent more than a couple of days apart when he had a conference out of town! 3. They didn’t even bother to inform us that I would be canceled. Now I have frequent appointments for a high risk pregnancy, an ultrasound for a lump that was just found in my breast and all the while I must pay out of pocket until they correct THEIR error. I am thoroughly disgusted and have NO intention of taking this lying down. We have NEVER missed a payment…it comes straight out of my husband’s check. We are in fact married. They had NO grounds to cancel me. What’s next? Will they question whether our children are really ours?!? Clearly health insurance has little to do with health and a lot to do with shady business practices.

S on

They screwed me TOO!! First off, despite signing up in December, and after calling several times to try and get ahold of someone, I finally received my Insurance card on 2.1.16 with an “effective date” of 2.1.16. Fine…..

However, the next month after my initial payment, they sent me a bill for January. After months of fighting it, it seems to have finally been fixed. So now, I get a bill every month in my email and I pay it. Turns out I’ve been paying for insurance I haven’t had since 6.30.16 (I’m writing this today on 9.12.16).

So now I’m spending half my day on the phone trying to get a refund. So far, they are only giving me half because they claim that the Healthcare Exchange decided to randomly stop paying my “subsidy” on Mar. 2016 and May 2016. I demanded they go back and prove these government non-payments and I’ve been on hold for 20 minutes.

I’ve had insurance with others like Coventry and had periods of my life without any insurance, having to go wait all day to see someone at a free clinic. Overall, I’ve paid the most for insurance that I ever have with Blue Cross and have been treated by far the worst!

Now let’s all pretend we live in the greatest country in the world…… What a crock of #$%^

Nicole on

Anyone who has Blue Cross Blue Shield needs to be very careful with their policy. BCBS of Illinois “had an error” with their online payment system in August. So you call their bill matrix number except that even though you have an active policy, it doesn’t accept your ID number- So you can’t make a payment. You notify BCBS of mailing a payment and the payment arrives before the 30th day of the month. BCBS cancels the policy without notice. The first week of September the payment is made online. You call BCBS and they tell you the policy is cancelled and all claims are denied. DESPITE NOT NOTICE BEING GIVEN and according the policy there is a 60 day grace period. My policy is paid up to date, it never lapsed beyond 30 days and BCBS response “we’re reviewing it.” This was triggered by my family USING the policy I’m sure.

ella on

My employer refused to answer my email about when my coverage would end. I still had benefits half way through the end of the next month and read our employee handbook that said it would be good through the end of the month. i took that to mean 30 days since I had paid my premium for the whole month. i had a prescription filled on the 15th, my doctor had a very expensive neurology med filled on the 13th that cant be returned, on the 16th they were cancelled without notice to me retroactively back to august 31. now i owe thousands.

Kristy A. Ortega on

We have paid our bill on time, everytime through an automatic bank deduction. We’ve paid our entire deductable for the year (months ago) because my husband has cancer. I did not receive any information on a new process nor a past due notice. I then received an email dated October 1, 2016 stating the my insurance has been cancelled as of July 31, 2016. This puts me out of the 60 day window to have my policy reinstated or be eiligible with any other provider out of open enrollment because of the Federal Law regarding the 60 day window. I find it unacceptable that they did not inform us of these changes, past dues, or warnings but, had no trouble emailing me the cancellation (it didn’t even say why… I waited 2 hours on hold before they figured out why and were able to tell me). We have started the appeal process but, as of now, we not only do not have insurance for my husband and his cancer appts, we don’t have it for my 5 year old daughter and do not have the option of short term coverage do to a pre existing condition. I assure this will not end here and we will continue to fight this battle with BCBS until an acceptable agreement has been reached. I addition, if this is not figured out, it is likely we’ll face a tax penalty in 2016 for our lack of coverage from July 31, 2016 – ??? until this is resolved.

Whitney on

My statement didn’t come in till after the due date and when trying to pay, it said “my account was in suspended status.” I am not sure what that means or who to contact in order to have my issue solved and my account opened again to pay off for the next month. Their monthly payments have gotten more expensive and I have been thinking about going with a different company.

Jen on

My family of 5 are consistently dropped every month by BCBS and this has Been going on for years now and we have never missed a payment nor have we ever been late on a payment. I have a 4 year old son with severe Autism and has not been able to get appointments vital for his progress because we are consistently being dropped every month. What is the point of Being forced to pay for insurance if the services I am paying for IS NOT being provided? What’s worse, I can’t even get a refund for the MONTHS I have paid and was denied coverage!

Jennifer Rossi on

This just happened to us this week. We actually paid 2 months ahead which must have screwed something up on their end. When it was time to make the next payment, we paid it in full the they said we were short by 150.00 which we were not. We paid what was on the screen and now they locked us out of the billing site. After speaking to reps from bcbs NOT in the marketplace, they said this has happened a lot lately and to always screen shot the page because they are always WRONG! Now we have zero insurance. We have bills via email that was dated consistently arounnd the same date (middle of the month) except September 2016 came at the end of the month, then they dropped us. Apparently this has happened to thousands of people. We are taking legal action and suggest everyone else does as well who can afford it. They are doing this on purpose.

Jessica on

My father is insured by Excels Blue Cross Blue Shield, in August 2016 he was diagnosed with cancer. On September 30th, 2016 he received a later that his insurance would be canceled on Oct 31st, 2016. NO EXPLANATION WHY, just canceled. He has had BCBS for 5+ years, never missed a payment, never had any issues. Get diagnosed with a serious illness and then get this notice. suspicious timing from BCBS. They claim his tax return was illegible and had to cancel coverage. They had NINE months to realize this problem and act on it. Convenient. He sent the paper work out right away October 18th, but they claim they cannot reinstate his insurance coverage until Dec 1st. Causing laps in coverage for 30 days, Nov 1st – 30th. He starts treatment October 28th. This will crush our family financially.

Tonda Claborn on

Bcbs cancelled my insurance according to market place but bcbs of nc claims market place cancelled my insurance. Bcbs accepted two payments after showing a cancellation date of 07/31/2016. Yet no one wants to refund me my premium for my insurance how can they keep doing this to people and next year they are the only plan available for nc. Everything was fine until I went to the heart Doctor.

Christopher Tucker on

I am 58 years old. I was on Obama Care for a few months. I went to my mailbox one day and found a check for the amount of $15.32, the amount of my Obama care premium. When I called bcbs and asked why they sent my last premium payment back to me,they informed me that my insurance had been cancelled. I asked the person who answered the phone why my insurance was cancelled and she could not give me a satisfactory answer, so she transferred to something called the market place and this person told me that she would be more than happy to reinstate my policy…. for $380 a month. I asked her why the premium went from $15.32 to $380 a month and this person also could not give me a reasonable explanation. Needless to say, I didn’t get the insurance because I could not afford it. In January, 2016 ,I won my disability and was also awarded Medicaid. However in April of 2016 my Medicaid was also taken away. At least S.S.I.D did give me a 5 month notice that the medicaid would be taken away, however, I am completely without health care insurance. Is it legal for bcbs to cancel someone’s health insurance without notice? I have a lot of health issues and am in serious need of health insurance coverage. Do I have any kind of recourse here? I really need help. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this !!

Sarah Ottinger on

I missed a payment and BCBS cancelled my insurance. I live in LA. The policy I have says they “may” cancel it in their discretion after 30 days of non-payment – on page 79. I am self-employed and my income fluctuates. I did not have the money to pay last month’s premium until now, 7 days into the new month. I offered to pay last month and this month to reinstate, but they say there is no discretion to reinstate – that marketplace guidelines say they must cancel it. BS. I had them get marketplace on the phone and the marketplace rep said it’s entirely up to BCBS. I’m appealing but I don’t hold out much hope. We should be given notice up front – someplace we’ll read it, and not page 79 – that this will happen.

Michelle Salem on

I have just discovered that my insurance has lapsed, perhaps as far back as July or August. I never received an email about this. Another person in my household has discovered the same thing. He called to verify the policies when we received something in the mail and was told there were no issues in either of our policies. We each have our payments deducted out of our respective bank accounts each month. Neither of us have changed banks for anything in our accounts. I wanted to try to resolve this today (Saturday), but they are only open M-F during business hours. How can an insurance company not provide a 24 hour call center for emergency situations to confirm coverage? I will have to call Monday, but it is very suspicious that both of us had “billing” issues that resulted in BCBS (Florida Blue in my case) not receiving payment. During this same period I have had all my other automatic deductions for bills go through without incident.

Josh on

BCBC of Florida stopped automatic payments from my checking account back in September without notifying me. While I monitor my account for bad charges I don’t regularly balance against my budget. I did not know the payments stopped until my Doctor’s office called to tell me I had no insurance. They cancelled my auto payments, then cancelled my policy for nonpayment. I was never informed of anything by mail, email, text, phone, nothing. Now I have a tax liability and no insurance. All the payments, over $400 a month, I’ve made over the last two year are worthless. I’ve used about $500 worth of it over two years. Livid does not begin to describe how I feel.

Katie Wray on

Exact precise same thing happened to me.

Karl on

BCBS of NC cancelled my policy for late payment. My August payment was late (paid 1st wk of Sept), which they say started a 90 day “grace period” requiring that August, Sept & oct all be current by 10-31. I paid for Sept & Oct on 11-3. Never received a notice about any of this. I only get paid once a month and paid them as soon as I was paid.

When I made the last payment, my account was showing delinquent but ACTIVE, and they processed the payment. And there has been NO action to refund those payments they say are too late.

They have now gone back and retroactively denied all claims that were previously authorized for Sept & Oct.

Jessica L on

My father was diagnosed with cancer and one month after the diagnosis we got an unexpected letter that his Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance would be cancelled. There was no explanation why it was being cancelled and no opportunity to correct any errors on the account. This was the first time we had received notice of an issue, all premiums had been paid on time, in full from Jan. 1st – September 1st. Calling the NY State Health Exchange and BCBS did not get us any answers or explanations.

After endless research and phone calls we found an office in New York State that could assist us and get my fathers insurance adjusted so there would be no lapse. If you have any issues with insurance fraud in NY State, this office can help you. They sorted our case within 24 hours with their direct contact to a person of power at the NY State Health Exchange office. Call Tami and Shannon at the NYS Department of Financial Services – Insurance Fraud.

(212) 480-6400 or toll-free (800) 342-3736

You will have to right up an appeal and submit it, in our case it was urgent and we had only 3 days until the insurance would be cancelled. Tami and Shannon rushed our case though and assisted us promptly. These women saved by family serious financial hardship.

If you are not a NYS resident, consider call your states department of financial services to report insurance fraud issues and see if they can also keep insurance and health exchanges honest and working with us, not against us.

Peggy on

I was on Blue Cross Blue Shield comnunity health. Nov 1, 2016 I became homeless and changed my address to a family member out of county. On Nov 30, 2016 Blue Cross Blue Shield cancelled my Health care because I forwarded my mail out of county. I am homeless and was attending all my Dr. Appointments with last Appointment on Nov 29, 2016. I was working with a Blue Cross Care consultant who had met with me since forwarding my mail out of county and discussed my homelessness with her. I am told I am only eligible for Illinois connect..I initially had this insurance and could not find providers that accepted this insurance. I switched to Blue Cross Blue Shield and was able to find specialist to take me as a new patient. I have Chronic issues going on and this cancellation will set me back in diagnosis and treatments that is imperative to my quality of life. I am being forced into a medical insurance program that no medical provider accepts. Cancelled because of an address change pulled from postal data base that I did not verbally notify Blue Cross Blue Shield that I had physically moved to. No problems pulling irrelevant information from a postal data base…further research would show that my mailing address is 6 hours from my medical providers. Not hard to review records that show I attend Dr appointments 2 to 3 times a week and 8 appointments a month. If I lived 6 hrs away from my providers I obviously would not be traveling back and forth and would have adjusted the insurance carrier on my own.

Cassandra Ferguson on

On December 11, 2016 I went to get my prescriptions filled, & that’s when the pharmacist said my insurance was inactive. Come to find out, my bcbs was cancelled retroactively to December 1st 2016 without notifying me. They even took my premium payment for December through auto pay with my bank on November 25th. BCBS blames the Market Place, while the Market Place sees no reason why it should be cancelled, & in fact the Market Place shows it’s active. Sending my issue to escalation would take 30 days, meanwhile I’m stuck paying cash for my prescriptions & primary care doctor visit, that I simply cannot afford, and it’s taking away my ability to care for my family.

Maxine Kobin on

My daughters insurance was cancelled due to a computer glitch! I was never notified! My mother pays for my daughters insurance monthly, the payment is debited from her credit card….one afternoon when attending an appointment at the doctors office I was told I owed 700 dollars and that I did not have insurance??? I immediately thought it was mistake and asked to speak with someone! I was told that I had terminated my insurance about 5 months prior??? Absolutely no way I had done that …I asked why I had not received a letter or a phone call verifying the termination? After hours on the phone they came to the conclusion that the termination was due to a computer glitch as they had no evidence of my ever calling and requesting the termination…I spent days and hours on the phone speaking to people asking how to fix this issue…pay the 1,000 dollars in back payment and apparently all would be fine! Why in a million years would I pay for their mistake?? I refused to pay and asked to appeal…that began another long and agonizing experience of phone calls and promises of returned calls which of course NEVER happened!! Oh I was told that my appeal was denied! Absolute nightmare!!! So now if I don’t pay it will go to collections…and worst thing of all..my child is not insured..Way to go Blue Shield

Rali v on

In 2015 i renewed my policy with BCBSIL through the marketplace, then called BCBSIL to ensure they have located my new plan and to re-setup my autopay. I had the representative vonfirm he sees my card on file and my autopay is confirmed. Two months later i go to my doctor for annual exam. Her hardworking receptionists call BCBSIL and confirm my coverage. Then i am examimed, blood work, urine, etc. A month later i receive a letter my policy is cancelled as of 2 days prior to the lab and doctor invoices even though the invoices were issued days after the actual exam. When i called to inquire BCBSIL said they backdated my cancellation due to non payment. Months later i was still calling them to release my conversation with the rep who confirmed my autopay was set up. Of course every time i called they said it takes time first time was ” call in 3 days” then call in a week, then call in 20 days, then call in a month. The last person told me it would take between 1 and 3 months and to call them in 3 months. I ended up paying over $1300 for blood tests out of pocket, and not being covered by insurance until October. Now a year and a half later i receive a letter from them stating they owe me 37 dollars which i paid as a difference when switching from the first to the second policy (prorated amount for a few days) This rediculoudness happened to a friend of mine due to accounting error when she paid the same month twice, only after the indurance was billed for her husband’s surgery. Honestly if this has happened to so many people a class action lawsuit seems to be the thing that needs to happen. Hopefully u receive my comment as the system kicks me out as i try yo submit it.

Janet Heersema on

I missed a payment due to them not picking up my autopay abd without warning, without a notice in the mail, I get an email on 12/18 that my insurance was cancelled on 10/31. I guess my auto pay did not kick in after Sep and October payments. I didn’t realize it. All they had to do was tell me. But nope no email letting me know they hadn’t received payment our late notice or anything. Just the cancelled notice.

Saroj Singh on

How can I cancel my electronic dedication from blue shield as I am not having that insurance anymore

Erin on

You’ll want to take that up with the insurer.

Erin on

Thank you so much for adding this important information.

DeAynni Hatley on

We have multiple business accounts I only check if there is a problem my husbands insurance was cancelled for retuned check and we called to change payment accounts due to the fact we don’t use that one I assumed it was all handled they cancelled and I received no notice until he had a stomach ache and we went to dr!!!! This happened in July of 2016 I’m
Calling to see about reinstating no notice at all!!!

Betty on

I had a BCBS plan in Arizona that I signed up for after changing jobs in the middle of 2015. First I was dropped with no notice at the beginning of 2016 & didn’t find out about it until February. When I talked with BCBS they said that my plan had been discontinued and because I hadn’t contacted them to select a new plan my policy had been cancelled. (Automatic payments setup through my bank were still being accepted by them.) I told them that I had received no notice and they said that a letter had been sent to my address informing me of the change. I sure didn’t get this notice. They told me that they would be happy to reinstate a new policy and keep the money paid for no lapse in coverage. Great. After a couple of months I signed up for autopay through BCBS and forgot about it. (Isn’t this the reason you use autopay?!!) I recently went to check what date the payments were going through (beginning vs end of the month) and found no BCBS payments for the last couple of months. I called BCBS & was told I had been dropped for non-payment months before. I asked if they send out any type of notification (phone call, email, etc.) when a payment is late and again they said that they had send me a (one) letter. Sure they did… They told me that because the period I was uninsured was too long I would have to reapply for insurance through the Marketplace as they no longer sell to individuals directly in AZ. Coincidentally insurance rates have skyrocketed since last year due to BCBS being the only health insurance option now in AZ. The only plan options available to me cost substantially more for practically nothing. ($500 a month for no benefits unless you exceed the $6500 deductible which as a healthy individual in my late 30’s isn’t going to happen unless I get hit by a bus.)

This isn’t health insurance. It’s catastrophic injury insurance. Actual health insurance would help you get treatment for common medical issues like cuts, scrapes, burns, colds, and minor infections.

Between being forced to continue a relationship with BCBS and the orange man-baby taking over I’m seriously considering moving to Canada.

Libsrlosers on

You liberal parasites wanted this garbage, you got it! Why aren’t you blaming the namesake of this disaster? Another big mouth threatning to move to canada. if only you leeches would!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is obviously not kind, but this page is about people who want coverage being dropped from insurance. This practice is one of the things the ACA protects against… even still, loopholes are found and people dropped. I wish the GOP would fix this, then I would give the valid sentiment behind the unkind words credit. https://obamacarefacts.com/ban-on-rescission/

Janelle Parson on

This doesn’t have anything to do with Obamacare, the insurance companies have been playing games for years before the ACA started. I know, I’ve lived through it all. It’s interesting every story is about their so called computer glitches; I’ve heard that story a number of times too. I was dropped after paying full price without any kind of subsidy even though I paid all my payments. This is THE INSURANCE COMPANIES that cause this, and they are still be allowed to come up with another new game to drop people.

Royzell Daniels on

I am self employed. My family, of 4, were dropped supposedly because I am self employed, (Said so by a BCBS customer service rep).We weren’t even enrolled under ObamaCare. I payed for insurance, faithfully every month, that my family barely even used, and we were dropped. This is ridiculous!!

Pamela on

I was canceled in January with no notice. I worked with my agent for days and we were literally put on hold for over an hour. I had paid all my monthly bills and my agent assured me I would have the same coverage as last year with an increase of $100 a month and $1,000 more for deductible. I wasn’t happy about that, but agreed to the increase. I was battling coloN cancer from Feb. of last year and I’m still going through therapies, radiation, and oncology visits. My appointments this week were canceled unless I wanted to pay out of pocket. I have prescriptions I was unable to fill. Thank the Lord after 2 hours and 45 minutes, with the help of my Florida agent, I was reinstated.

I. Woods on

BCBS OF NC canceled our policy on 11-1-16 alleging late payment retroactive to 8-31-16, without any notice to us. We mailed our check in every month, but BCBS of NC stated they did not received the check for the July 2016 payment. No checks that we mailed, have been returned by the U.S. Postal Service. On 10-31-16 we attempted to pay online (BCBS of NC system), but the system was not working, we tried again on 11-2-16 and was able to make two months premium which brought the policy current thru 10-31-16.
BCBS of NC stated we were “one day late” and the “90 day grace period” started with the alleged loss July 2016 payment. Never received any notice of missing payment or notice of some alleged “90 day grace period”
They have now gone back on 11-1-16 and retroactive canceled our policy effect 8-31-16, and denied all claims (over $90,000.00) that were previously authorized for Sept and October 2016, although the premium was paid in full and received by BCBS of NC through 10-31-17.
BCBS of NC stated they were mailing us a premium refund for the months of Sep. and Oct of 2016. Now we are stuck with over a $100,000.00 of unpaid medical bills. It appears that BCBS of NC is conducting an economic analysis for members on there plans and looking for reasons or manufacturing reasons to cancel what is know as high claim payout to increase there profits. They simple discard the premium checks mailed to BCBS of NC to make it appear the payment was not received. How easy would a “Notice of Intent to Cancel for Non Payment” mailed to inform you have payment had not been received and inform you of some alleged “90 day grace period”. Written Notice is required on auto insurance and every other insurance purchase, and no insurance can be canceled retroactive after payment is received. This is unethical conduct by BCBS of NC, to increase there profits!

Ami on

BCBS of IL cancelled my policy and I am unable to get anyone to tell me what is going on. I paid early and before my bill was even due.
I made phone call before making the payment to see if I can get more afordable plan and to ask if I cancel my health can I keep my dental. They told me that I cannot so I made online payment for my same plan to continue. I finid=sed Market Place registration update well before that.
I had an appointment with the dentist where I found out that I have no coverage.
I tried calling BCBS IL from the office and after waiting on the phone for two hours and being disconnected few times I left dentists appointment with no resolution.
I then called the next day, and the next day and the next day. But nobody could tell me (or even connect me with someone that knows) why my policy got cancelled in the first place or when will this issue be resolved. Their customer service desk is not there to help anyone. I don’t think they are trained for what they are doing.
I called Market place to check if maybe I did something wrong on their side and they were very nice and said that my policy shows active on their side.
I have no idea what to do next.

Nina on

Hi Ami…….I was on the phone today with BCBS. Received a letter from them today which I didn’t understand other than the word “cancellation”. I already made my February payment. There shouldn’t be a problem. The man I spoke with didn’t give me an explanation other than to say December 31, the policy was cancelled as if it were a computer glitch. He said they are receiving A LOT of phone calls. It didn’t make sense to me why I and others would have to call to complain before they would FIX the glitch.He was submitting my re instatement and said it could take between 7 to 21 days for the coverage to begin again. My concern was meds I would be refilling next week. He said I’d have to pay full price for meds and any doctor visits, keep the receipts and send them into BCBS. (God only knows when I would be reimbursed.) I don’t like to think of a conspiracy theory, but is it possible BCBS deliberately canceled people Dec. 31 and are waiting to see what president elect Trump will do next??

Christina on

BCBSIL. I was set up with automatic payment. At the end of December I found out I did not have coverage as of July 31st. When asked why, they said they did not receive payment. When asked what happened w the automatic payments, the person on the phone said that there was a problem w the automatic payments. I asked why I was not notified. I now have $$$$ in medical bills to pay on top of now paying a higher premium this year. I simple can’t afford back payment on medical bills and my premium. I don’t know what to do. Why are insurance companies not held accountable?!

Aaron on

My blue shield was cancelled in October 2015 according to them, however, I wasn’t told and they took my money through December and coverage still worked when buying prescriptions. They then sent back my payment at the end of January and told me it had been cancelled in October, and since I didn’t renew it before the first of the year there was nothing they could do. My wife and I fought it to no avail. In the end we crossed our fingers, payed huge sums for medicine, and made it to 2017 without incurring major debt because of it.

Mad Ashell on

I have been with BCBS for 20+ years. I had a grandfathered plan paying $1100 a month to keep me off Obamacare. With no warning they cancelled my plan and put me on Obamacare without my knowledge. When I called to inquire they were extremely hostile and would never answer the question as to why they did it. Basically, I was told too bad, too sad, you are on Obamacare now.

Sean Z. on

We’ve had BCBS here on Florida for the better part of 3 years with no issues. We reapplied this past December (2016) and selected a better plan that was inevitably more expensive and made the first premium payment before January (2017). I received three separate calls from these schmucks asking if I made my payment and if I did please disregard this call. We never received our insurance member cards, we never had any formal indication that our plan had been cancelled. When I called, they said “everything looks fine on our side, but there’s an issue with Marketplace saying your plan was cancelled. Get in touch with them.” So, I called marketplace and explained my situation. Turns out, Marketplace has nothing to do with cancellations once the payment for your health insurance premium has been made! Florida Blue lied to us, and only after my inquiry about what the hell was going on, did they send a payment notice for February with the difference of what our first premium payment was. No calls, no emails, absolutely no contact from Florida Blue about canceling our health insurance. I’m am appalled and very pissed off to say the least with the actions of this billion dollar company. Thank you for nothing BCBS, as I plan on never using you or your services again.

TC on

So… is anything actually being done here? I had two policies open due to technicalities that were NOT on my side. When I called to remedy the issue, I was told that it was not a problem, they would cancel my old policy. They cancelled everything. I called healthcare.gov and they read verbatim what had transpired. I called bcbs fl TWICE and only the second time after I got hostile they agreed that it was there mistake, that they didn’t read the order correctly, but it would take at least a week to re-instate, so I have NO health care until then even though I PAID and did everything that I was supposed to do.

brandi kirby on

I was canceled 9/30/2016 for non payment. And had surgery 10/20/2017 and paid all my payments and have the bank statements. Now im getting fine through the irs

Jean Morato on

Florida Blue cancelled my plan after I have paid my premium for January. I have talked to 12 different reps and was told it will be fixed. This is Feb 2. Not fixed. I have no where else to go since I am forced to have insurance . What is wrong with this company. I’m not sure what to do.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You just have to keep appealing, internal, external, whatever it takes.

It won’t always work, but the system is built around resistance. If you don’t resist (via lawful appeals; as is your right) then you become the part of the algorithm which figures out what percentage will never contest plan drops and claims (i.e. where part of the profit comes from in all insurance). It isn’t malicious, it is probability and statistics in insurance adjustment paired with necessary regulation (#thanksObamaCare for expanded appeal rights and that regulation).

Plan drops for non-payment can only be fought with appeals, because they disqualify you from special enrollment.


Tom Brown on

I just learned that BCBS of Illinois terminated my families health insurance coverage without notice.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Make sure to appeal, appeal, appeal, internal and external if needed. Sometimes the fault is truly with the customer, but in most places exercising all your rights will greatly increase the odds of you getting your plan back. The gist is, if what happened was an honest mistake and you have generally made good faith efforts, insurers will often elect to side with the consumer in an appeal.

If you don’t appeal, or you let time pass and don’t make the good faith effort, then your chances diminish considerably.

This means, right now, right this second, call and start the appeal process.

Rachel on

I need help desperately –
I had a plan with BCBS in 2015, through my mom and her employer (a hospital).
Suddenly, this March (2017), I received loads of bills from my primary care provider, gyno, etc, and 2015 happened to be the one and only year I was hospitalized so I got my hospital bill back too. All from 2015, saying that “Blue Cross redacted their payment for the services”.
I haven’t had BCBS since early 2016, I have had two other insurances since then. Those billing periods have long since passed, my co-pays were all paid, etc. So how can BCBS possibly “redact” payments from 2 years ago and put them on me?
I have debt collectors mailing me and everything, I just don’t understand how they can redact a two-year-old payment for a service and billing period that has passed?
Is it any coincidence this is the only year that I had ever been hospitalized?
My bills rack up to over $30,000. I’m a student. I have no money. Not really sure what to do.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Speaking very generally, you can try to appeal this (a process you can start with a phone call to the insurer). Learn more here: https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/health/managing-health-insurance/tips-appealing-denied-health-insurance-claim/

Again, generally speaking, you would start with an internal appeal and then move to an external appeal as needed. In all cases, you would want to act ASAP. I don’t want to offer too much advice, as we are talking about $30,000 here, so beyond advising an appeal you may also want to seek legal counsel.

TIP: Make sure to collect all the information you can and photocopy any letters you send out or receive (in other words, document everything).

Ashley on


ObamaCareFacts.com on

Exactly the sort of reason why the new proposed “fixes” should worry everyone: https://obamacarefacts.com/2017/02/06/trump-administration-submits-rule-to-stabilize-individual-insurance-market/

Melissa on

I will try and keep this short. Basically, I paid for my insurance all year,(2016), I was on auto pay for medical coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ga, Anthem . this was a a Silver Pathways plan. I only enrolled with the market place and got insurance because it is a must, if you don’t want to be penalized. I hardly ever go to the doctor and if I do, I find it cheaper to just pay for the office visit. I have never had any major issues until recently. Well, I paid for my insurance all year on autopsy and never thought anything about it. I began having to go to the doctors off ice in November for some medical issues. I was thankful Thai had insurance. In December I was told that I needed to have some costly tests. I decided to wait until the first of the year to have them done due to the fact that I needed to start my deductible payment for the new year and had no where near enough medical care in 2016 to come even near my deductible. In January I heard the announcements saying that if you wanted to enrol in healthcare or change your healthcare it must be done by the end of January. I ignored it because I was on autopay and didn’t want to change anything. Then about mid month I got curious one day and decided to see if any better plans were offered. So I logged onto my marketplace account. I then see a message saying that BCBS of GA. No longer offers my plan. I was so greatful that I looked on the website. I looked through the plans, they only offered two company’s and one had terrible reviews, so I decided to stick with BCBS. The website told me to make my payment so I did. Mind you this is mid January and I never cancelled my previous policy. I make the payment for the new plan and receive a confirmation number. I go to the doctor and he tells me that they no longer take BCBS. I need my test results and have a fairly serious health issue. He tells me the results of my test an does not charge me. That was really good of him. I go home start calling new Doctor’s offces on the BCBS website that are covered by my new plan. Nobody takes the plan that I have. 3 doctors were out of business. I know why now and I will get to that later. Now it is February and I still have not gotten in with a doctor and low and behold, I get a phone call from BCBS telling me I have 30 days to pay my premium or I will be cancelled. Wait, I paid it in January and set it up for autopay! Wait in the heck? I go to my account and find that all of my medical test and Doctor’s appointments for January have been denied! That’s only between $7000.00 and $10,000.00 dollars worth of bills! What????? I am on low cost healthcare that I need help affording and I am required to have medical coverage. Sooooo, that’s fine, whatever, but how the heck am I going to afford to pay those bills and why were they denied? I call BCBS and ask what is going on. Guess what they cancelled my insurance at the beginning of January. I’m not sure why. I was never told that my plan was no longer available, I was billed every month before for my insurance and they took my payment out every month faithfully. I never cancelled autopsy, they even took the dental policy payment out, but neglected to take my medical payment out. I would of never even realized that my plan was no longer a plan if I hadn’t of been curious about other plans and signed into the healthcare market place! So now, I find that I had no coverage for January, when I had all those tests! I would of never scheduled those tests, if I had known I was being inadvertantly dropped from my insurance. So, when I called BCBS, I was sent on the normal rounds of speaking to people that could not help me because I needed to call back tomorrow. It wasn’t their state and it was after hours. This is after sitting on the phone for a good amount of time, due to increased call volumes. Really??? This is also after I go to my online account to pay for my insurance, that I was confirmed as paying in January. Of course, I look online at my account and it shows no payment for the new policy either. I check my bank account, nope, no payment! I have a confirmation number though. I’m glad I looked! I then tried to make my payment and it tells me 5 times that it cannot be processed andctry again with a new card. I get the message 5 times. After I talk to customer service at BCBS and I am told that the only thing on autopsy is my dental, there are no payments since December and that I need to call back tomorrow for Georgia, oh and that I had no coverage for January. I go to look at my bank account to see if in fact they are correct and they are! Why did they not take my payment out automatically, as they did every month since I have had insurance, why was I not informed of this, why did they not inform me of changes to the plans, why did they continue to autodraft my dental and neglect my medical and WHY after looking at my bank account and being told that my payment would not process 5 times, is it showing my payment as pending? I hope that I don’t get charged 5 times! I’m on a budget here people and don’t need my bank account messed up, for sure. So, now I have to wait until March 1st to have insurance and I was given 30 days to make payment or I will be cancelled. So where was my 30 day grace period for January? Why, were my claims denied for my testing and Doctors visits after I paid for insurance all year long, faithfully, due to autopsy and then when I need my insurance, I have no grace period and I am not even informed that they have taken my plan off the market or that they are cancelling my autopsy or my policy? They surely kept taking out my dental! Now, I will be held responsible for all the bills that I owe or have a major mark on my credit, not to mention, I have this type of insurance because I cannot afford any other and the poor doctor won’t be getting paid or at least not quickly, as well as the hospital won’t either. On top of that the BCBS website was down and the hospital could not even confirm coverage the day that I went, so I paid a low copay and was to be billed later. I know the website was down a lot because I tried to go on there several times in January and could not login. I got a message the website was down. So, the hospital and Doctors office could not even let me know that I had no coverage or that their claims may not be paid. On another note, these doctors are not taking this insurance and some are even going out of business because the insurance company is capping how much they are going to pay for services, yet they can charge you high premiums with very poor coverage. These doctors go to school for a very long time, they have to pay for high cost equipment and insurance and pay back student loans for many years and get paid a small capped payment for their services. Why would any young person want to go through that cost and time to become a doctor when they could make the same amount of money doing something else with a lot less overhead and years of study? This is causing subpar medical care. No, I am not saying that they have to gouge people, but geeze, we live in a country built on free enterprise with the ability to make a good living if you put effort and money into your education. Who would struggle to do their best or to do hard work, if we all get the same pay and have no incentive to push to do something that would make them more successful? Yes, I am on the poor end of the spectrum, but I believe that if people’s opportunity to become well off or better off than some is taken away, then you have no reason to strive for the top! This insurance thing is causing great problems for everybody except the insurance companies, who seem to be getting paid, yet make their own rules! Hey, I tried to be short with this, but I’m so irritated, I just could not! I’m sorry, folks. I apologize for any misspellings or grammer issues. I used a cellphone to write this, so please overlock them and hopefully you can figure out what I was trying to say.

Brad Berns on

Son was born in June of 2016. Tried adding him to our policy and the application was lost on BCBS end. We reapplied on the last day available once I discovered this in Sept. Then we started getting 2 different bills in the mail from BCBS. I paid the one that had our original policy and member numbers and didn’t pay the new one as I figured that we hadn’t changed policies, just added a new person to the family. Then we started calling BCBS every other week for the next 4 months to straighten out the billing/double policies

Over the course of this time we started to build up a credit on one bill and a balance on the other. On the first bill was still being invoiced at the rate of 1 child instead of 2 so i overpaid each month what i thought was the new rate. The 2nd balance for the new policy we didn’t ask for just kept adding up.

By December we had started to get phone calls from our hosipital saying the BCBS hadn’t covered any of the our new sons medical expenses. At the same time we started getting 4-5 packs of new insurance cards a week in the mail along with policy cancellation notices? By this time i had gotten accustomed to spending every other Thursday afternoon on hold with BCBS to no avail.

During my last call in Dec a supervisor told us to stop paying until the billing was straightened out. He said that we were paid through Feb 1st of 2017 and that the policy renewal would straighten out the double billing. By this time one bill showed us with a 2400 credit, the other showed a 5300 balance. We had received no less that 120 insurance cards in the mail for our family of 4.

Fast forward to the beginning of Feb 2017 and all of our insurance policies are now canceled and now we are out of the open enrollment period. So i guess I’m screwed. Took the day off of work to be on hold. Was told that my son was retroactively added back to June of 2016 which resulted in there being a $400 balance at the end of the year. Since this wasn’t paid then my 2017 policy was termed for non-payment as well. I received no letter about this and no phone call. At the same time they are mailing me a $2400 check for the credit on one of the policies? Non of this makes sense and now i have no insurance and a bunch of unpaid medical bills from last summer.

Peggy on

I am retired as of Jan. 20.2016. So I had been drawing SS the previous year(2015) and then got my insurances that I Had to have. Didn’t ask about other wages in family(that I can remember).. So my husband who is self employed and has no employees get hooked up with BCBS and because of HIS low income( auto repair business comes in spurts after tax refund time) he got s GREAT policy. and low payment with help. He did his initial payment in Feb, 2016 and first payment thru our visa account was April 2016 made April and May payment and I can’t remember if it was letter or email telling that his policy had been cancelled. I tried for months to find out why. Some say he didn’t have enough income to qualify (WHAT???) Then I would call again and they would tell me WE had to much income. This was his personal insurance, In 2015 our income(mostly mine was almost $30,000. I have never understood why my income has to reported for his insurance policies and rates. THis year I only have what my SS checks amount to, which is not much after my insurance. , So to get back to what I am trying to say is–
BCBS is a bunch of idiots. Helping people get insurance whether you are healthy or not whether you can afford it or not and then drop you without letting you completely understand why. I would never give them a chance again I don’t know how this will read to others. BUT THEY SCREWED MY HUSBAND ON HIS POLICY

Andy Anderson on

I am a BCBSFL member, I enrolled through ACA in November , I get a subsidy, I paid my first month ( Jan Premium) and now it’s almost March… They took my Jan payment and my Feb payment but have NOT initiated my Healthcare plan. I do not have a plan and cannot see a doctor yet they are TAKING MY MONEY. I have called over 20 times and all I get is another inept CSR who says “I don’t see your info and cannot tell you whats going on, I will have to escalate this to another dept , expect a call back within 24-48hrs” and a week late, no call nothing. I have called back over and over and still nothing yet they STILL TAKE MY MONEY. I have called the Insurance Commissioner and started a case, I have called attorneys and NO ONE will touch them. It’s unreal that I live in a Country where I have NO RIGHT to healthcare. Oh, an I work everyday, non smoker, never had a major health problem and take NO meds. I just need healthcare. Thats it…..

clayton on

I enrolled in bcbs through the healthcare market place. I paid my first payment and recieved confirmation. I recieved my card and an email telling me to visit the dr. When i tried to make my second pmt. The website said i didnt have an account with them. After a week of trying to pay or find out why i couldnt, i recieved a letter telling me my insurance had been cancelled due to a problem with my bank. The letter was dated the same day open enrollment ended so i have no chance of getting ins. For the year. I contacted my bank and they said there was no problem and they didnt try to get the payment. Thanks bcbs!

timothy ehrlich on

I got a message from Florida Blue Cross saying that we are sorry that you have decided to leave us. This was 2 days after they deducted my premium payment form my bank account.
I called them immediately from abroad and was on hold for 40 minutes. The person I spoke to could not explain the reason and said I would be put back on my plan. He said a letter was being sent out to verify that I had insurance. I never received the letter and still don’t have insurance. But they keep taking my premiums out of my bank account

AL on

I did’t get a bill in February so I called to find out what was going on with my coverage. I was told I had been cancelled since November 30, 2016 and since the enrollment period is over I am out of luck. Billing problems started for us when BCBS said they would no longer accept credit cards.

We would send a money order for the bill and the next month it was like a payment was never made. I would then call and BCBS assured me it was just a billing mistake and everything was good. BCBS even sent out the new plan for 2017, paid claims in January 2017, and even took additional payments after I was canceled. BCBS even told me that one payment just extended coverage to December 31, 2016. If that was true, the cancellation should have been in 2017.

Supposedly, I will be getting a refund for one of the payments, but I have yet to see the refund. I think BCBS isn’t canceling people for accidental billing errors, but rather when BCBS thinks a policy is paying out too much money for a given policy. BCBS had to pay several expensive claims right around the time I was cancelled so I have a hard time buying it was an accidental billing error. Even though BCBS was being paid they still claimed I was 3 payments behind on the last statement.

Calling them so far has amounted to wasted time, being put on hold and transferred to 6 people that were all idiots and unhelpful. BCBS must have the about the worst customer service on the planet. Even when told I can provide copies of payments made all they can say is I missed a payment and don’t quality for insurance outside of open enrollment. I didn’t even miss a payment, but that hasn’t stopped BCBS of Texas from cancelling my coverage and leaving me without insurance.

I get the impression they could care less even though they made the mistake. I suspect a policy holder with a lot of claims is more likely to be cancelled for supposed billing errors to help BCBS cut costs.

Merle Kamen on

My daughter has been on California Blue Shield. She was never notified that her health insurance was cancelled. She found out inadvertently when her Dr.’s office was trying to obtain a preauthorization for a procedure. When she inquired to find out what was going on, they informed her that there was a problem with her credit card, but acknowledged that they never notified her of a problem. The credit card on automatic payment had an expiration date that had passed, but they never notified her that it needed to be updated. When she tried to provide them with a new card, they refused to accept the payment. They told her she needed to wait 3-5 days before they could accept the payment. Of course, my daughter is a person with a serious medical condition, she had multiple appointments already scheduled, as well as a pre-op appointment. In her situation, days make a huge difference. She could not afford to have her surgery or her other appointments cancelled or postponed. After literally spending 3 days of her life on the phone and going to the office in person, she found out that they installed a new computer system that kicked her payment out, even ones that went through before the expiration date and then insisted that she pay an additional $2200. She had had no fight left, and paid the bill, and hopes to find strength to fight with them at a later date. These insurance companies are prying on the people least able to defend themselves. It is cruel, it is unreasonable, and there needs to be accountability for this kind of treatment.

Joyce Braman on

Florida Blue has given me the complete run around with my health insurance. We sent the payments, and they sent them back.They do not want to insure me because I have a preexisting condition. They tell me excuses, and that I will get my cards in the mail, but I never do.They ask me about payment every time I call, and they see i have paid each month, but they do not give me cards. Supervisors do not get on the phone when I ask for them, and they do not call back. I am completely at my wits end with this company.

Zac on

Being told there were going to be delay issues with healthcare due to the new laws I started the enrollment process in October 3, 2016. I decided on HMO Plus and went ahead and bundled in BlueCare Dental. I continued to call and email inquires as to the status of my policy. Finally on December 5, 2017 I received an email stating my application had been accepted. They charged my credit card the same day. I then setup the auto payments and text alerts via the BCBSTX website.

As a contractor the last few months have been hectic, as we have had several storms in our area. I was inspecting framework on new construction and inadvertently had my glasses were damaged, so I called the eye clinic and setup an appointment. I was informed they do not accept BCBS (figures) but that they needed the information on file. I have been going to this clinic since my very first set of glasses so I was going to use them anyway. The doctor is a long time family friend. A few days later the eye clinic called me saying that the insurance information I provided was canceled.

After several hours on the phone with BCBS I was informed that I never called to complete the auto billing service and therefore March 31, 2017 my insurance coverage was canceled. I never received a bill, text, call or email letting me know. On February 27, 2017 I received an “embrace a healthy heart” email. That and a few similar letters and policy updates via mail is the only correspondence I have received form BCBS.

I am now without coverage, is there anything to fix this?

Thank You for Your Time, Zac

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can always appeal. I always suggest “appeal, appeal, appeal” and do so “ASAP”.

People forget, ObamaCare expanded our legal rights in terms of appeals. It won’t always work, but you should always try.

B Rock on

BCBS of IL has tried to cancel our policy retroactively 3 times in the last the months even though each payment had been paid in full early. Also multiple varying bills trying to add a previous month before we were enrolled in the plan.
Warning: they also found a loop which enabled our prescriptions from to keep being denied, most of which were long-time maintenance prescriptions, and also medical access by re-entering unauthorized cancellations which when are corrected but them tumble into other up to 30 day investigations (accelerations). Medical necessity is of no relevance to them even if someone makes it sound as something is. The e-mail also became inaccessible and unable to put through, although a couple of BCBS either lied or read false statements to the health marketplace representative by saying the “customer cancelled” the policies. The premiums had also all been paid in full 1-2 weeks early although later not credited even though withdrawn from our checking account a day after a payment was called in. No one is enabled to put anything said in the phone conversations in a letter or note form, and virtually each letter mailed to our house either had wrong larger amounts billed or a one sentence vague enough to be completely worthless…such as “We have received your change.” with no policy number or any other number reference when we had made no change ourselves.
Put everything in writing,have it notarized, send it in a way someone must sign for receiving it. Do waste your time speaking to them. Even the ones that want to help are not really empowered to do so. They are not your friends (learned that after about 30+ wasted phone hours even though had my notes and reference call numbers.
If you did not have many medical needs before dealing with this company, you most likely will if you try to waste time calling their customer non-service number. After each call averaging about 90 minutes, you will be lulled into a temporary false sense of security that everything has or will be corrected until the same things continue to happen with the company hoping you will give up and just let them drop you because, most likely, you were not profitable for the company to keep. If a member is ill and/or vulnerable, it would be all the easier for the undesirable customer to be disposed of in this manner. I do not believe the individual employees are at fault, rather the multitude of indications point to a systemic fault within the hierarchy of the company.

Chelsea Johnson on

We have been battling BCBSTX since September of last year after they dropped our children and then we had to fight to get them put back on just to have them drop them again and did not fix the error until December. I paid all my premiums and had everything covered going into 2017. Now they say I owe them $164.21 but they can’t tell me why because they still have the billing incorrect for 2016. They terminated my policy however I am still within my 3 month grace period so hopefully we resolve the issue soon but I have less than 10 days to do so.

Pete Clay on


Troy on

My plan was terminated in Sept 2016 due to nonpayment, the problem is they cashed my check for September, then they cashed my check for Oct. I went to the doctors in Nov to discover I had no insurance, this is odd, I paid. I called BCBS, they reactivated my insurance in Nov and credited my account, So my account was showing Credit in Nov, and Dec’s bill brought it even. I went to the Doctors once in Dec, and my insurance was active. Its now May of 2017, I just received a bill and my form for taxes showing the months I was insured. BCBS is now saying I was insurance all months except for Nov and Dec 2016, and gave my a bill for my doctors appointment in Dec.

Heidi D Johnson on

Curiously, 1 month ago I received a notice from my insurance company, Blue Shield of California. Important to note: this was a new plan, only 2-months old and I’m on direct bill pay with them. So, I receive a notice that my plan was being cancelled for non-payment. I check my bank statement and see that I did indeed pay and on time. Call #1 to BS led me down a 35 minute rabbit hole with ill informed customer service reps. Finally it’s brought to my attention that BS was migrating their billing system and that my payment in a glitch was not credited but they would handle ASAP. Ok cool. I was annoyed but grateful we found a relatively quick resolve.
Last month I receive the same notice again at the end of the month. Irritated, I checked my bank statement to confirm I had indeed made my payment. CHECK. Time to go through the BS customer service muddle, again. Call #2 I’m armed with names, extensions and resolution reference numbers I’m passed between 3 reps. while trying to explain what happened last month and that the glitch had not been fixed. I assumed it would be swift fix. BS ate another 45 minutes from my life to get to the same conclusion we got to the month before. They apologized. The sweet guy on the end of the line promised me he would handle the glitch situation personally and has put an accelerated attention tag on it. It should all resolved in the next 5 days. He was sweet enough to calm my bitchy.
5 days later I receive a letter confirming the cancellation of my insurance. Disheartened and completely freaked out, I dial that 800 number to hell. Call #3, super sweet dimwit who lacked listening skills, tugged to take me down another rabbit hole. I resisted with warranted shouting, “you realize you have taken my money and cancelled my insurance?” “What if something happens to me” “This has to be illegal!’ I throw reference numbers and complete logs of past conversations with dates, names, and times. Another 45 min in and much of this time I’m on hold while they are “researching.” How much research is needed to once again say they fucked up? She comes back from research to say, yes indeed my insurance has been cancelled. DEAD AIR. She offers no “BUT here is what we can do…” I’m about to throw my 6 across the room (I’m up for a new phone, so) I ask where we go from here? And again yell, “you realize, you took my huge premium and cancelled my insurance?” She apologizes and whines, “I know this is frustrating ma’am but there is no need to yell.” I told her I disagreed. After some back and forth she said she could see the premiums in the old system. She said the course of action would be another accelerated attention tag to reinstate my insurance. She assured me it would not be a problem again. However it would take 10 days to reinstate and until then I’m not covered.
Today is day 9 and I still haven’t been reinstated. I know because I’ve been checking everyday, as this is first time on this plan that I actually need to go to the doctor. It’s non-emergency . With the vote today, I can’t help but think this is all wrapped up in it. Given the past history of this situation, chance are I won’t be reinstated tomorrow. This could be a continuing process that may include changing providers at a time when preexisting conditions will be scrutinized and frankly probably not covered. I have a preexisting that kept me without health insurance for most of my 30’s because of the high costs or lack of coverage. I’ve been lucky enough to have been consistently insured for the last 9 years. Thank you, Obama. I can’t fathom life without it at this point in my life. Could this “GLITCH” in the BS system be a way to start weeding people out? I know it’s probably just a coincidence but still….

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I’m a Colorado resident and a retired lawyer.

I set up my BC/BS to be on auto pay. Because of prior missteps with BC/BS, I insisted on seeing every piece of mail that came. No notice that we were subject to termination.

I have a health insurance history that would cause any insurer to run for the hills with the screaming meemies.

I won’t go into the details here, but at the moment BC/BS has almost $10,000 of our money “in suspense” (whatever that means) pending a review of our appeal, which we will almost certainly lose.

I haven’t practiced law in 22 years, but please contact me at 972 730-6040 or [email protected] if you might be interested in being part of a class action against BC/BS. If enough of us join together it’s possible to make change. On our own we are all individually screwed.

Full disclosure: My license to practice has been suspended for ????? years due to non-compliance with everything. I chose to stay home and raise my remarkable children, a position which carries no benefits.

To this admins of this site — if I’m out of line, I’m sorry. Delete the post.

Katie Wray
Texas State Bar No. 16832580 (suspended)

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I have been canceled from BSoC without any notice.My wife had a major hospitalation a month prior and now I have no insurance. I have been calling for a reinstatement. But it is a run around. A different excuse every time. There should be mandates from the state that a cancellation can only happen when the customer is notified by a certified letter. I know there has to be more of the same story as mine out there and would like to know if there is a law suit that address this matter.

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Paid my BCBS bill every month not a day late and just got a letter saying my insurance coverage ends on the 30th of this month????? Mother of three what do i do? I know there’s a new tax penalty for not having coverage all year. This really has me in a bad spot 🙁

Kevin Summers on

I missed two payments put received no notice of cancelation.

I was trying to catch up but I had some questions about my bill so I went to the BCBS office in town. Their were old charges for a former dental plan on my bill. It was confusing and I wanted to understand it. They said nothing about cancelation but my plan is with Blue Care Network so apparently the BCBS office doesn’t have access to all my information.

After that meeting on the same day I tried to schedule a surgery that was 4 months away but the hospital said my insurance was inactive. I called the exchange and they said it was inactive. I called Blue Care Network several times and they said it was cancelled for nonpayment. I explained I had a current bill and wanted to catch up. They claimed billing it was a billing error.

3 days later I got two letters from Blue Care Network. One was a bill. One was a cancelation notice. I payed the bill anyway with a credit card to see what happened. Blue Care said they would refund my payment and they gave me the same answer about a billing error.

Yesterday, about two weeks later I went into the BCBS I got another bill. I could pay and make my coverage current but they won’t let me. Infuriating.

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Yes I was just told my insurance is cancelled as I received a letter and immediately called as I as on auto pay They told me I missed a payment and was cancelled? I had the money in my account and had paid them for over 6 months prior Is this discrimination or what is going on I’m so upset and concerned

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How can you go back to 2014 up to 2017 to calculate premiums because my income was going up and down. Now I owe $151 and you just cancelled me for non payment.

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One way to do it is to look at your taxes and bank statements (to compare MAGI and insurance costs). You can also contact healthcare.gov or your insurer. Hard to say exactly, as there are a few pieces one would need, most of this should be accounted for in those places though.

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Okay, My son is trying to drop his plan on May 29, 30th or 31st and find out that he will be charged an additional 2 month premium after date of termination! That is indicative of a predatory government and insurance company and I am reporting this. I can cancel my car insurance and my home owner’s insurance and effective that next day I no longer owe money and get back a prorated premium. This needs to be stopped He is getting insurance through his job starting June 1st and Obamacare cannot verify his identity through healthcare.gov the ineffective website and the BCBS of Alabama does not have an online cancellation form like Minnesota!

Melissa Hamilton on

I unfortunately have Blue Shield. The deliberately put me on a plan my agent & I did not sign up for. Of course the plan they put me on cost more!! I called my agent explaining what they did. I had my account set up on automatic deduction, because I didn’t want them to say my payment was lost in the mail. Blue Shield continued to take more out of my account ignoring the agent who called & verified that wasn’t the plan we both signed me up for. Finally after numerous calls, of course waiting on hold forever, & continuing to have to give out my insurance number, a man told me he would remove it from automatic deduction & have my next payment be less to repay me for them taking out to much. The following month I was shocked to receive a letter saying my insurance was cancelled, even though I could easily prove I had paid in full. Blue Shield has my email account they fill with garbage every month, but they never sent any notice of a cancellation there. Luckily I wasn’t out of town, because the letter said within the week I would be canceled EVEN THOUGH I HAD PAID IN FULL. I called my agent again & sent proof all my payments had been paid. I asked her to tell them to remove me from automatic payment, but this month AGAIN Blue Shield swooped in & took my premium earlier than when it was due. I contacted the agent AGAIN, asking how they could do this if I was removed from automatic payment. She again said they removed it & I asked this time for PROOF. She said they wouldn’t provide proof of this, interesting how they won’t do that, but she gave me a reference number. This entire year has been hell dealing with this, and I have to have this no good, shady company another five months before I can change. What’s interesting is on other calls I’ve made to Blue Shield about other questions, I have always received a recorded message within 24 hrs. wanting me to give a survey on customer service. Not once during this year & all these problems have I received this survey call. I have never even cost this no good company any money, but I know they want rid of me because of my age. I had Blue Cross before & they were even worse.

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BCBS NC cancelled my insurance, claiming that a bank draft to a Visa card linked to my checking account was denied. My bank has issued a written statement that the account had sufficient funds, and that, in fact, they have no record of BCBS attempting to draft funds. I am hoping to have the policy reinstated ASAP — But it leaves me with no confidence re BCBS NC. I also have contacted my congressional representative and plan to contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Victoria on

I had set my BCBS insurance for automatic payment and after 3 months of having the payments extracted automatically from my account, BCBS said they had an error taking out the automatic payment so tried to call me to fix the problem. It was not until my plan was canceled that I received a written notice in the mail regarding that my payments had not been made. If they had sent me a written notice via mail I would have been able to take care of the issue immediately. When I called BCBS to fix the problem and reinstate my insurance, they said I was no longer eligible to reinstate my insurance and proceeded to put me on hold for a 47+ minutes when I asked to speak with a supervisor. I am curious for their rational that I was no longer eligible seeing as my account information never changed and the error was most likely on their end seeing as all my other automatic bills got paid that month….

Jim on

Yep BCBS did the same thing to me. I have been with them 25 years and never missed a payment. I even signed up for auto bill pay. They said autopay is only good for a year but never sent a bill or a phone call letting me know I was behind on payments. Then they cancelled with no warning.

Nikki on

We are also Self-employeed and we’re insured with BCBS of NC. We were paying our bills through autopay and apparently missed a payment for May 2017, although our bank never contacted us about an overdraft. We got no phone call or letter in the mail about it and then received a paper bill for June saying that we owed them 2 months of payment. We called right away to see what the problem was and we were already dropped, so couldn’t make the payment. They claimed since we signed up through the marketplace that we had to take it up with them (which makes no sense to me since I’m not paying the marketplace, I’m paying BCBS). Anyway the marketplace filed a claim for us, whatever that entails and we we’re still dropped. Nothing we can do but wait until next year to get health insurance and then pay whatever fine we have coming to us. Seems really messed up that they can drop you without giving you any options to get new insurance, and then you still get fined for not having insurance?!?

Nancy on

My insurance (which is through my employer) was cancelled without notice. We have documentation of all payments made on time. The submission of all documentation requested. We even have an email through the broker showing the confirmation of recertification. Despite all that, the coverage for everyone at my work was cancelled. Now we have been told “This issue is at the top level of Anthem small group membership review. An Audit team is going over the details of case and information received, and this could take 2-3 business days. I’m doing all I can to expedite retro approval, and provided the carrier all documentation submitted. If your group is not showing active tomorrow, the employee would be subject to claim cost out of pocket or need to wait for active group coverage. If Anthem approves retro active status and membership is not showing active in the system, all claims would be paid subject to plan by submitting the attached claims form.” So I am left having to pay my claims and HOPE they confirm reactivation retroactively. But I’m still left out of pocket. The only reason we found out about the cancellation is that I had a doctor’s appointment and my doctor’s office called me to advise that my insurance was not valid.

This is an issue with the INSURANCE COMPANIES and is not restricted to Obamacare.
This is one of the reasons the insurance companies need to be investigated and fined for all the crap they put us through.

Ginger on

Just found out my bcbs dental insurance was cancelled. They said that they had a form signed by me to cancel, but upon looking that could not find said form! Of course I had a claim during this time period. Finally after a couple months of no reimbursement, I phoned. “They are working on it”. But in the mean time I have no coverage! This was they’re mistake. Is this legal?

Matthew on

After paying the 1st premium with a check, I installed auto debit on my bank account. 1 payment was processed from my account. 3 months later I receive a letter of cancelation, with ZERO notifications. No email, no phone call, NOTHING! The customer service was more horrible….I mean just pathetic. The poor reps are downtrodden because they know they work for a really bad company. The long and the short of this situation is that many including me are without insurance and facing tax penalties…. i am in Florida, and where is our insurance commissioner??? This is a massive fiasco….

Rani on

My dental insurance was cancelled without notification and they said it was none payment because my payment was declined. How could my payment be declined since I couldn’t make payment because my account didn’t exist. Then they didnt want the new contract for 90 days. So everything was delayed.

Debby on

BCBS cancelled our coverage back in April stating due to non pay. I proved to them through cancelled checks that we had never missed a payment. A representative acknowledged they had indeed made an error but would take 60 days before it would be reinstated. Finally heard back from them asking for payments for the few months while they were investigating and reinstating which I paid. Now they have mailed back the check and say once again they cancelled us due to non payment. This company needs to be shut down and stop causing all this stress for their clients. Now we have no insurance. I am fighting their cancellation with an appeal but that will take up to 60 days and of course we all know it will be found in their favor. Where is the regulation for health insurers from our government ?

Kimberly Derry on

My husband and I went to the doctor yesterday and when I went to pick up our monthly, very necessary, prescriptions for my husband and I, we were told our coverage had been terminated! We were fortunate when we enrolled through Obama Care to be qualified for a plan that was covered 100% by our tax credit, so we have a $0 premium. I called the insurer (BCBS TX) and was told that they had not received the subsidy payments from the marketplace for the last two months! I called the marketplace, who escalated the issue because we have less than 48 hours worth of life sustaining meds which would cause emergency medical issues if not received. But it will still take five days to review, and could take up to 30! We did nothing wrong. We got no prior notice. We just got canceled, because the healthcare marketplace dropped the ball on THEIR end for some reason that they were not able to give me answers for! My husband and i are both panicking, as we have 5 kids to support, and can’t both end up in the hospital… ESPECIALLY since we presently dont have health insurance!

-Panicked and Scared in Texas

ZD on

I purchased Platinum coverage w/ BCBS for my husband through the Marketplace as my husband has a medical problem that requires him to go to the hospital or a treatment clinic several times a year (visits can range b/w $10-30K ea). I had no tax credits and pay over $800/mo. My payments were drafted through autopay w/ my Visa card but was cancelled by my bank b/c of an exposure risk or my information was compromised. We realized his coverage was cancelled when my husband tried to fill a script that cost him $230 vs his usual $10. We were just under 60 days of non-coverage.

As soon as I found out, I called BCBS who told me they cannot do anything and I have to go to the Marketplace. I called the Marketplace and at first they told me basically I had to wait till next year for open enrollment unless I qualified for a special event (which we don’t). Finally, I was told they would file an ‘Escalation’ with BCBS but something was wrong with their system and it wouldn’t go through. They basically told me they couldn’t do anything and to try back again later. I was already on the phone for 40 min with them. I called they next day and the same thing happened. I was so upset I spoke with the Supervisor who tried herself with no success- there was still something wrong with their system. There was no other way for them to process it but there was also no guarantee that someone was attempting to fix their system. Again, I was told to call back some other time and try with someone else (can you believe this?). I was very upset b/c this is time sensitive, I don’t have time to call multiple times, and I was getting the run around. We were depressed and upset.

I called back BCBS and told them what happened. At first, they said they couldn’t do anything and no matter why the payment was received (b/c of bank cancelling card), it was still nonpayment and there was nothing they could do. Then, after arguing, she said she would file an ‘Escalation’ herself (not through Marketplace). The only reason she was able to do this was b/c it was just under 60 days since the policy was cancelled and I enrolled through the Marketplace. I had to wait 72 hrs for them to determine whether we would be reinstated.

72 hrs later, it was determined that the reinstatement was APPROVED. I had to pay the missed payments and the following month (~$2500). Although it was a lot, I am very grateful and relieved that we have our health insurance back; I really thought we were going to get screwed. They had every reason not to approve us including the fact that we have a pending/denied claim during this cancelled period for $11K, and we met our deductible & out-of-pocket max at 100%. BCBS would now be responsible for paying at 100% for in network claims. My husband also has preexisting conditions that will cost BCBS more down the line. Its crazy b/c the ins representatives and marketplace representatives helping me would not have taken it to the next step and filed what they did if I had not dropped certain words during the conversation or if I wasn’t persistent.

If there is anything I can recommend to anyone going through this is:
1. Never use a credit card for auto payment as it may cancel even from expiring or change of card #. They shouldn’t even allow it.
2. Always check your statements to make sure payments are drafted on time. You never realize how precious health insurance is until you don’t have it anymore and its needed.
3. Do your homework and know what your next step will be if something happens-ie escalation, internal and/or external appeal
4. Everything is time sensitive, follow up as soon as you can. I was 5 days to reaching 60 days

Don’t give up hope. Praying always helps. Stay persistent.

Marsha Lampert on

I am in a bitter battle with Fla Blue to reinstate my coverage. It’s outrageous how that company behaves

Kaye on

Our insurance with bcbs through the ACA marketplace was just abruptly cancelled. Without any warning whatsoever. We have called them for over a month, filing grievances through the marketplace, doing whatever we can. They cancelled 1 day after we paid our premium. They are telling us there is nothing we can do. Our entire family was on it & I just had skin cancer removed. This puts us in a terrible situation. It isn’t fair that the ACA is in the toilet & the citizens who need it are getting this treatment.

Brandon Wallace on

I was up to date on all my payments then BCBS told me it wasn’t in there computer that I started when I did…that left me with letters from the hospital and a bill that they didn’t want to claim so I became behind on payments trying to rectify the situation and now my coverage has been dropped though I’m I’m about to fax proof

Melissa on

I found out when I was in the hospital that my Georgia BlueCross coverage was inactive as of the day prior to my hospital admission. I had enrolled in automatic payments and the company claimed I was not enrolled and that they had only received my first month’s payment. They did not contact me to let me know about the payment issue. I believe their automatic payment system conveniently fails and they drop people as a result.

Sharon duncan on

I just made a comment about my company dropping my eye and dental I was paying for dental and eye insurance separately from health I’m on Medicare so I don’t need the healthinsurance why would they cancel my eye and my dental insurance

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You may have had a all-in-one plan that covered medical, dental, and vision (as opposed to stand-alone dental and vision). You can likely get reinstated.

Bernadette OLeary on

I got dropped for missing one payment to a clerical letter. I never received an invoice or letter. I was paying 2000/month for a family of 4. I wrote a letter but they didn’t care. Heartless. I put all that money in
And they dropped me.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This is exactly the type of thing to appeal. There are time limitations for how long you can wait to appeal, but in general once you realize something like this has happened your next move should be to get on the phone with the company and start the appeals process. Either they will help you with the first internal appeal or you can go straight to the appeal without their help. https://www.healthcare.gov/appeal-insurance-company-decision/appeals/

Sharon on

My dental insurance was cancelled by my company that I work for they said I had to resign up for it and May but no papers was giving three people I had called the human resource and they put me on speaker phone and said that was too bad I didn’t get the papers the people that I work for locally did not take up for me I had dental and eye insurance and I was in the middle of having dental work done that was very important and now I have cataract and my eye as of last year and supposed to get it rechecked this year in 2017 and can’t go have that checked either they said yeah that’s Obama care for you but not let me resign up I have to wait till next May this insurance is through my company I work for this just makes me sick I have had problems with these people before don’t even take care of their people

Jason Suchadola on

I received a letter that blue cross is dropping me next month. I pay over $700 a month for a single person and always pay on time. They told me they’ll they’ll be other plants to choose from starting October 1. My book this is unexceptable. I am curious so I can do anything legally about this. If anyone has any input please email me.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

They shouldn’t be dropping you until January 1st, 2017 (when your new plan starts). However, at that point they can discontinue the old plan and ask you to join another one.

Insurers don’t have to offer the same plan every year, but I’m fairly certain they do have to finish their annual contract with you. You may want to call and clarify.

Brandon Kuhnert on

I have had bcbsnc for years.My premium is 1645.97 I was over due and my bill showed up as 2 months 3291.94 There was no notices just the balance. I paid that amount and thought is was paid up. A few weeks later I went online to pay my next months bill of $1645.97 and the bill was $3291.94 again. A call to BCBSNC informed that my first was received but they were refunding $1601. of it. They said because one of the months had shown over allowable days when the payment entered the system, but after the day i paid, they were cancelling. I questioned the amount refunded so I could apply it to the new bill and they admitted that they made an error on that too and would correct that. The only way I could renew my policy was to pay 43291.94 all over again, but could not because they still had my refund and they were unable to accept my $1645.97 which would catch me and demanded the two months which I cannot afford and my policy is now cancelled for my entire family.

Jason on

I also have been canceled due to non-payment. My mistake was not noticing on my bank statement that the auto payments were not going through. The whole coarse of coverage I have not received anything by mail from BCBS. I received one email and that was only to inform me my coverage was terminated 2 mo previously due to non-payment. I checked my bank statements and found out no payments were taken out. I called BCBS and explained that I had not received prior notice and that I wanted to make all payments due, but they said there was nothing they could do. My only complaint is after several complaints to BCBS of not getting statements, explanation of benefits, or a coverage booklet by mail they never offered to email anything. The only email sent was 2 months after the policy was canceled with no way to remedy it. I take some responsibility for not noticing that the auto pay was not working, but they could have tried to communicate. I am now left uninsured with serious health issues. I will also be forced to pay for thousands of dollars in medical bills that will not be covered since I thought I was insured and was not and went to the hospital. If I would have just been notified sooner I would have corrected the problem and everyone would be happy.

Steven Palmisano on

Florida Blue cancelled our policy and said that we cancelled it. They don’t have any proof to support that claim. Now I have Cancer and I am going through an appeal to appeal something that we had nothing to do with. We’ve had FL blue two years. The CS Marketplace made us feel like we were being held hostage. This is a system problem with the Marketplace that has now turned into a life or death situation. It’s on them although I may not be here for much longer and by them doing this may cut my time short. Shame on them.

Terri on

April 2017…I dropped healthcare coverage because I got a job and no longer needed it… I tried to reach someone at Market Place to let them know I would be dropping the health care coverage….. but I could not reach anyone. So at year end in Feb 2018 I received a 1095-A (Health Insurance Marketplace Statement) which shows that BCBS recieved Healthcare Exchange dollars of premium tax credit for months in which I had dropped coverage . So now I am told because I couldn’t reach anyone at Market Place, I will potentially be responsible for repayment of the tax credit…. I will not pay back any tax credit for which I did not utilize….. Hmmh…But can’t help but wonder how BCBS can indefinitely keep Healthcare Exchange Dollars which DO NOT have associated taxpayer payments???? I bet if I went back and filed claims for prescriptions during April or March for which I paid out of pocket they would be denied for non-payment of premium…

Jim Wrolson on

Same story for over 14 months. Every month I click pay total amount along with checking “enable recurring draft with this online payment” and every month after I receive notice that I am past due. Every month I play this game with BCBSIL. I have called and had customer service enable it after verifying my checking information was correct but the following month “past due.” If there was an option to prepay the entire year I would do that, trust me the funds are available. I have never had such a hard time giving my money to a company especially the greedy money-hungry thief’s of BCBSIL. Your customers expect better BCBSIL and you better start living up to those expectations.

Alka Arora on

I went online several days ago to pay my premium (I used to be enrolled in automatic payments but they cancelled to update their payment system). There was something wrong with the website and I couldn’t find a way to pay my bill. There was an option to re-enroll in automatic payments so I did that.

Today I received a letter stating that my coverage was cancelled. WTF. I called them and the representative said their records showed I hadn’t pain last month (Feb) but then she checked and saw that I HAD indeed paid. But for some reason there has to be a long process to reinstate my claim – she couldn’t just fix it on the spot. Wasted 1/2 hour of my work day dealing with this crap. Issue is still unresolved. Blue Cross Sucks.

Gina Thompson on

I was researching other policies because my premium went from $14/month to $372/ month. However, on Feb. 26, 2018, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. My policy was still active, under the 90 day grace period, so I contacted BCBS on Feb. 26 to make a payment for Jan. and Feb. The representative accepted my payment of $744, 2 months premiums, and assured me that I could pay the March and April premiums at the end of March or first part of April. However, when I contacted. BCBS to make that payment, I was told that my coverage had been cancelled as of Jan. 31. However, I have still not received a refund for the $372 payment made for February. It is apparent to me that BCBS retroactively cancelled this policy due to my cancer diagnosis, despite the fact that the premiums had been paid through February 2018. I have contacted an attorney and The Insurance Commission for the state of Alabama for further direction in this matter.

Michelle on

I had Federal BC/BS through my husband’s employer. At the time of my divorce, I had a court order indicating that he was obliged to cover me “as long as he was able.” I was unaware that Federal BC/BS would not cover former spouses, particularly since our state’s BC/BS DOES. My former husband retroactively informed his employer of our divorce – almost 3 years later and BC/BS retroactively canceled me with no notice at all. I only learned about it when I began receiving calls and bills from all of the providers I saw within the past 3 years – as BC/BS has taken back all money paid on my behalf. My reading of the Affordable Care Act is that they can’t retroactively cancel in this situation, but I am getting nowhere.

Virginia on

They cancelled my plan because I owed them sixty cents.. I mistakenly paid my bill 20 cents short.. for Feb, March, April. They cancelled our plan on March 3rd got my cancellation notice May 14th date on their notice May 9th the printed it.. they have excepted my premiums for Two months I had to request my refund. For two months of premiums.. for 60 cents.. I can’t get other policies because of previous illinesses.. husband is 61, I 57.. my husband just had an vascular procedure done in Feb that was 3,000.00 dollars wondering if this had something to do with the cancellation.. now we are left with no insurance..

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You must appeal this sort of thing ASAP (starting with an internal appeal and moving to external as needed). Every day you wait closes windows for you and opens doors for the insurer rejecting your claim. ALWAYS act ASAP in situations like this.

Teresa Curry on

I actually got a notice my Insurance was going to be cancelled because I was 90 days behind (with a couple weeks warning). The website showed me as a month behind, and even though I’d paid what it said was my minimum due online they insisted I had to pay all 3 months to keep my coverage which was prohibitively expensive. Still I scraped together what I could and paid the entirety of what it showed online hoping it would be enough to buy me time to come up with that one ‘extra’ payment.

The website would not let me pay all of what they said I owed when I called to ask about the notice but I’d already submitted my payment online and didn’t want to double-pay. I can’t afford that. The payment went through and I was hoping that meant I was in the clear, but today I see they’ve sent it back to my card and I’m certain I’ll be getting paperwork soon saying my policy has been cancelled. I plan to appeal once I have the information on how to do, but if I still feel that if I paid what it said was my entire amount due online and had it successfully debited from my account I shouldn’t lose coverage even if I was behind.

Maria M. Gross on

My husband purchased health insurance through the exchange. Florida Blue Select: Most doctors do not want to take this insurance. Also, while we have the payments on AUTOMATIC PAYMENT on our bank, they keep sending a card asking for payment, giving different ways to make the payment. This means that we have to drop everything and check our bank account, then having proof of the payment, we have to call them to assure ourselves that they have it!!!! This is our time, we don’t get pay for their tactics.

Dave Gerhardt on

Blue Cross of Michigan cancelled my policy claiming I had not provided proof that I was not receiving any other coverage’s (I.E. Medicaid). I enrolled in the 2018 enrollment year in December of 2017 and paid my first months premium KNOWING that I would be receiving the tax credit to make up the rest of the total premium amount.

I started with coverage in January of 2018 and continued to pay my portion and the market place (Governments) tax credit January, February, March, and then sometime I April, Blue Cross claims they sent me a notice to provide proof of no other coverage’s. I must have missed that letter and continued to make payments.

I was not made aware that the Market place had stopped the tax credits on my premium until June 2018 when I received notice from Blue Cross they were not going to honor claims after May 25, 2018.

I immediately spoke with representatives from Blue Cross and the Market Place by 3-way to discuss this problem to try and get this rectified. At the same time, I gave Blue Cross confirmation that I was not receiving any other coverage (I.E. Medicaid) and their webisite acknowledged this.

So in May 2018, they were informed that I was not receiving any other coverage but was not notified my policy was cancelled effective May 25, the same month which is what was ultimately told to me in June via US Postal Service Letter.

On May 25th after contacting BC and the Market Place, I faxed an “Expedited Appeal” form to the Market Place to review my situation in the hopes they would be able to retroactively pay the tax credits for May and June since it was Blue Cross that had notified the Market Place I was not in compliance with uploading or providing ‘Proof’ of other coverage.

I say that Blue Cross informed the Market Place, not the other way around, because when I enrolled for 2018 going through the application process, the Healthcare website through its “Eligibility” notification even stated that I, “David Gerhardt” was not entitled to other coverage, specifically ‘Medicaid’ and if that was the case, why then would Blue Cross claim I didn’t prove I had any other coverage when the Government website itself stated i wasn’t entitled???????????????? I would not even had been eligible for Market Place tax credits if I HAD medicaid and therefore would not have been able to sign up for the Blue Cross Silver Extra Detroit HMO and yet, Blue Cross cancelled my policy, had the Market Place cancel the tax credits (without my knowledge) and left me having made two more monthly portions of my premium (June July) and accepting that money saying that money was to ‘Pay off’ the balance they claimed I owed them.

None of this should have happened.

None of this is right.

They took money from me on a policy they retro actively cancelled.

My Appeal with the Market Place was approved and the Healthcare.gov entity would have paid Blue Cross some $1400.00 to pay for May and June to bring the account up to date but Blue Cross told me they couldn’t reinstate me because my policy was terminated. Never mind I was on the phone with Blue Cross in May explaining that I was in appeal process with the government. They knew the situation and yet, even after waiting 40 days for a response from the Market Place, they still kept my June and July portion of the premium payment and knew the Market Place was going to give them the balance of the premium amount and claimed they couldn’t reinstate me.

Does anybody understand this?

I’m going to pursue this further.

I have no idea what will happening even after writing this comment on ‘Obamacare Facts’.

Paula Puro on

I just found out I was cancelled when I tried to make a payment. I never received my statement in the mail so I called in to make a payment. The first person tried to tell me it was a covered ca problem. I called later and that person told me there was a glitch in the system and that it would take 30 days to get me reinstated. I have never missed a payment and now I have to go 30 days without insurance? Blue a shield cannot not continue to get away with this.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Make sure to appeal ASAP. That is always the right answer. You have appeal rights under the ACA!

Joe on

Highmark BCBS Of Northeast Pa just terminated my policy as of Dec 1st 2018. I had a PPO plan ( out of network services are allowed,) but I moved from Pa to Az in Sept. Premiums are up to date, never late.
When I left Pa they told me to contact them after the move. I did, they sent forms to formally change my address. I did as asked and 2 weeks later they send snail mail saying my policy will be terminated Dec 1st, a full month before the policy ends according to my contract.
Very sleazy !
BCBS is unaffordable in Az. 1100 to 1850 $ a month for a 62 year old with no Obamacare subsidy.

Jason S on

I have been with BCBSIL for 7 years I switch my bank account the automatic payment stopped May 1 they will.not let me pay to reactivate my plan. This is horrible I have been paying for 7 years and never used it

ObamaCareFacts.com on
KLM on

We missed a payment and I thought it was brought up to day – I had paid for the missing month and part of the next month. The “90 day” is really not 90 days. We were cancelled on July 1 going back to April 30. That is really only 60 days grace period and we had paid more than half already.
BCBS cancelled us for non payment. I called and told them I can pay it all in full right now – that I had totally messed up the online payments! their online system is really confusing as to what and when each month is actually owed!
I was told too bad. I appealed it and got rejected.
I said “So what about the $376 I’ve paid to you already? ” Oh yeah. Sorry, we forgot. We’ll send you a check for it.
I called the Marketplace. Marketplace said BCBS has to reinstate us since they had a lot of our money already towards it.
Well just got the letter that we are SOL and they are not reinstating it.
Now I’m terrified we’re going to have to pay back the premium tax credits. I cannot get an answer from the marketplace about this. My husband is diabetic and I’m VERY angry that they can do this to people and leave us with no recourse, and in the state of NJ you get additional tax penalties for having no insurance . Well, we HAD it and they terminated it, saying we owed three months when they already had more than one of those months paid in full.

M on

Capital Blue just cancelled my Insurance. I have $2000 a month worth of prescriptions and I’m totally screwed.
It was my own fault for not updating my auto pay premium when I got a new bank card, but I DID pay what I owe and they cancelled me anyway. They only gave me a 60 day grave period instead of 90 days. Now I have to go 5 months without coverage. I’m going to lose my job, my house, everything. I hate these companies.

Kelly on

I enrolled on-time (early in the month) in order to receive coverage during the first day of the following month. I received a new member id and everything. A week before my coverage was supposed to begin, I got a call saying that my credit card didn’t go through (ended up being the bank’s fault). I hadn’t been notified throughout the entire month that this had happened! And they cancelled my policy (set it to be terminated before it even began)! I updated my information immediately after that call, but I had to jump through hoops to get my policy reinstated before the first, even though they received my payment. It’s amazing how they can cancel your policy as soon as they don’t get a payment, don’t tell you, and then when you try to fix it as soon as possible, the have to go through a “process” (that can take 30 days) for you to get reinstated. I’m super disappointed in BCBS.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This isn’t just a BCBS issue, this is an issue across the entire system. With that said, it is also common practice to help you rectify the issue if you call as soon as you find out and then make the payment. Still, I appreciate you bringing it up, because it is from what I have heard very common.

carl cunningham on

my BCBS policy was cancelled due to Obamacare my premiums are nearly three times as high and my coverage is now next to non existent .

I had my bcbs policy for about 20 years before the very unaffordable care act, post obamacare my bcbs policy was cancelled several times while it was on autopay. when your policy is cancelled you cannot contact bcbs because you don’t have a valid policy number. I finally got help from the state insurance commissioner to get another bcbs policy outside of obumercare

I still have BCBS as it is my only option. I do not know of anyone who benefitted from Obamacare, I now get less coverage for more money

Georgia Lai on

I searched diligently for an insurance before I receive Medicare and found BCBS plan is the suitable one even I have to pay high premium. I switched bank account due to fraud on March 2019, and the autopay to BCBS pemiium was interruped. Without any notice I was informed one month later that my BCBS was terminated. Two weeks before I reach 65, I contracted pneumonia and was hospitalized for 3 days. With no insurance my bill came up to $30,000. I really don’t know why I have to buy health insurance. Isn’t it just for a peace of mind? This Obama care or BCBS defied this purpose.

Paige Walker on

I lost my coverage after not getting my insurance verification in soon enough. I did get in to the marketplace. Bluecross said I had a 90 day grace period. I got no where near 90 days and lost my insurance. No notification, nothing.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you ever have anything like this happen you should appeal immediately. Insurers will often reinstate your coverage once necessary actions like payment are taken, especially when you are within the window. I Here is the information you need https://obamacarefacts.com/appeal-health-insurance-company-or-marketplace-decision/

hallie richards on

My 12 year old daughter was taken off my BCBS policy (which I obtained through the marketplace) without any notification and I was told by my pediatricians office (when we received a bill for $589 for a check up and 2 immunizations) that it might be because she is eligible for medicaid. Again, neither BCBS or the Marketplace notified me that she had been taken off the policy. I’m current with all my payments and still trying to figure out what the hell is going on, but meanwhile my daughter is uninsured during a pandemic. I add my voice to everyone else on this website in my frustration that we held up our end of the bargain and the for profit insurance company does not see us as actual human beings but rather as a way to make more money. When I needed a diagnostic test earlier this year BCBS refused to pay for it. We can do so much better.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can always appeal a health insurance decision, and you should always do so ASAP https://obamacarefacts.com/appeal-health-insurance-company-or-marketplace-decision/

If she was kicked off due to being eligible for Medicaid, the solution might be to make sure Medicaid enrollment went through and then have Medicaid cover it. If this is the case, this should work since they can retroactively cover care.

If it was something else, BCBS may cover it after an appeal, but you must appeal. Potentially both an internal and external appeal. The longer you wait, the less rights you have! So do it right away.

Virginia Chacon on

I had the policy for a while for my kids and myself. I recently enrolled my husband. I was enrolled on automatic payment so the premium had been deducted from our account every month so far. I assumed they will adjust the payment and continue the automatic payment. I realized they had not deducted the payment so I called them. Also, I wasn’t sure how much my new bill was going to be. I called them but they lady on the phone could not answer all my questions. I asked her to please send the bill and statement to me so I could make the payment. I did not received the statement or bill but a couple of week later, I received a notification of policy cancelation for the whole family. All of this happened right after my husband surgery. The cancelation seems to be retroactive so while my husband had the surgery we had not idea our insurance was being cancelled. I made the called on January 14, 2020, and nobody said I was being cancelled with date as 12/12/2020. Now we got a lot of bills from my husband hospitalization and surgery.
It is very frustrating and we feel helpless.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Make sure to appeal ASAP! Internal and external if needed. You have appeal rights.

Joanne Rodney on

Accidentally missed June Premium BCBS Plan F. Not notified even after paying July until I received a letter on July 27th dated July 22nd saying the policy is terminated. I paid August and the lady on the phone took the payment I inquired to be sure I was paid up and she yes. The letter says I was terminated on 5.31.21 WHAT IS GOING ON AT BCBS?? Can I be reinstated??

wrote for mother

Nat Conger on

I tell you what I think, first letter I opened was from Allstate and they are wanting to cancel my policy because if some credit issues that have not yet been resolved. My next letter was from BCBS threatening to canceal my health insurance because of my mental state and they are calling it pre-existing and they were not pre-approved before my schedule d office visits. I say go ahead and cancel them both if they feel the need but they don’t know who my Father is and he fights my battles for me and he tells me not to worry about it because the war has already been won.

Daniel on

Three hours before surgery while filling out required paperwork, I noticed I was missing information. I called to figure out my member ID and request a mailing of the card. Then, I find out that my BCBS NJ has cancelled my enrollment without any notice. The woman on the phone kept putting me on hold to “investigate” why this happened. She didn’t even know what she was saying or doing. I have paid this month’s bill, too! This is the second time in two years that this has happened to me. First through healthcare marketplace and now my employer.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should always appeal any healthcare decision that doesn’t seem right.

Cindy Bazari on

I’m currently on the phone with bcbstx the phone number on the emails I received 888-697-0683. March 2, 2022 I received an email stating they didn’t receive my payment and my policy cnxld. I also have my bank statement showing the $604 I paid cleared my bank on 2/28/22. The rep I was talking to keeps trying to tell me the market place has my money. I don’t know who the market place is or how to contact them. The only information I have and 42 emails I have are from bcbstx.com. I never made a claim against the policy and again, the payment cleared my bank 2/28/22 as the email states I need to pay by. Who do I contact

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should follow the guidelines on appeals and do so ASAP. You are first and foremost appealing to BCBS, but you an also file an external appeal.

Alfred Porter on

I never missed a payment in 32 years.
Not one,,I went out of town , my bills were set up on direct draft . I had someone fraudulently use my card The bank noticed this fraudulent activity ant held my card in limbo. Therefore, causing my policy to laps. BC/BS did not call me, did not email me They said they sent a letter, in fact two letters. I was out of town for 3 months . When I got back they treated me like dirt and denied me service forever. Because when I tried to get reinstated. , get this, I had a preexisting back injury that I have had for the last 9 years. Now., pardon my language, I’m FU##ED!!!!!

Chris bowers on

I am a retired sc state employee of 35 years. Today I got a letter from BCBS saying that they were going to cancel my insurance on 9/1/2022 which is just a few days away with no explanation of why. The state pays my payment out of my tiny retirement check each month. What gives??

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should contact them immediately and appeal the decision if necessary. The sooner you take action the more rights and protections you have.