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For a family of four, we are struggling just to maintain our middle income life style in California with income taxes, property tax and all other private insurance premiums we have to pay already. Now comes this new Obamacare requirement that mandates the minimum coverage we have to buy. Our medical premiums just shot through the roof and find ourselves struggling even more just to be in compliance with the law with less protection then we need. We are basically paying our monthly premium and pay again for any medical treatments we received before meeting the high deductibles. This is not a insurance plan but rather a subsidy plan for the poor while the middle class is paying for it.

What we need is a government plan modeled after the Canadian health plan of which everyone is treated the same and paying his own fair share.

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I am currently in canada with daughter who is attending a vanadian university. NO US insurance nor teavelers insurance woukd cover her preexisring pregnancy. THE CANADIAN MEDICAL SOCIETY would not release to her and her Canadian husband the paperwork to register the birth until a 6000$ deposit was made to the hospital! It is niw 3 weeks later and we still don’t have a MD bill but they have their 6000$ deposit so the baby can begin to apply for a passport .

Son- in -law waiting 3 months for a medical test to be done, as this was first appointment available! Took 4 weeks to get MD Appointment to see specialist , after referral from ER MD and put on urgent list in October AND taken out of work with NO pay. Over 7 phone calls never returned from MD office to get this ordered test scheduled. All procedures scheduled by MD Offices here in Canada.

I don’t wish this system in Canada on anyone.

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