Obamacare is ridiculous. My health insurance for a large company I’ve been working for 25 years cut my coverage and added the High deductible plan. So the company wouldn’t be subject to the Cadillac tax in 2018 which hopefully this whole program will be set aside and we will go back to the way it was, no national healthcare at least no this sad program. Why is my insurance deemed to be over compensated and the Federal Government’s is not. Nothing changed for them regarding healthcare. If they voted for this they too should live with it. Now as I am getting older my health insurance is going up and with a High deductible plan how is this helping me?

And what about all those part time employees who had health coverage and with this Obamacare now they were told they could no longer be covered through the employer. They had to find healthcare coverage of their own. Great job Obamacare people who were previously covered now have to find their own carrier. So who really benefits from this program. Oh wait the federal government and the 65 billion in taxes and fines it will generate due to the so called Affordable healthcare plan.

What do you think?

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