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We could not afford this insurance but due to the law We were forced to get coverage. This year We are told it will double. We can’t make more income , I am disabled and My Wife makes less than than enough to keep us going I explained this to the representative and still were told either cancel or pay twice the amount. We paid last year. They say We will make so much in 2015. How do they know this? We are getting less than Last year and We have to pay twice as much this year.

I ask for help and We don’t qualify for exempt status We have been given a week to ten days to make a decision. This is coverage only for My wife one person. It not a fair law, We are told what to take I have lost My doctor and We can’t afford Doctor visits so UI can get. My pain Medication coast 125.00 per visit and coast of meds. We did not miss a payment and now were told don’t pay until we accept the new policy. What can we do? please Help. We don’t want this we are forced to take it. no freedom of choice no rights to pick what We can possibly afford what can We do ?

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To get cost assistance you need to project to make between 100% – 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. If you updated the Marketplace with a projected income that is below or above that amount you may lose tax credits. If you updated them with an change income within that amount you can still see tax credits adjusted.

If someone is saying you will make too much in 2015 they are either wrong, basing it on something you told them, or you have income on the books that counts as Modified Adjusted Gross Income.

If you think this decision is being made in error you can appeal it. You can appeal any Marketplace or insurer decision.

To summarize:

– Double check your income. Make sure you understand what counts as MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income).
– Update the Marketplace with your actual expected income, make sure you understand how that compares to your previously estimated income and understand that if it is too little or too much you can lose tax credits.
– If you feel like the Marketplace or insurer is in the wrong appeal their decision.

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