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I have health insurance which keeps going up. They blame the increases on Obama Care. So I went online six months ago to apply for Oboma Care to see what the rates would be. I went throught the whole process and when I hit “submit”; it said I couldn’t apply till the end of the year. What I didn’t know is at that minute they sold my contact information off to every Health Insurance Broker across the US. My phone exploded within 2 minutes. Six months later I’m getting 5-10 calls a day from all sorts of machine processed solicitors. I’ve had the same cell # for 25 years and it appears I will be changing soon just to end this madness and aggravation that my Government has stuffed down my throat. After talking to others about the plan I now realize I should have never attempted to apply as the the deductibles and monthly charges seem to be outrages. Unless you are broke and unemployed…
Thx Oboma

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Also please do yourself a favor and don’t take what other people say as fact, every person in every region will be in a unique situation. Find out what the law really does for you, and don’t let one bad experince with someone unrelated to the law spoil your outlook on healthcare reform. Go to HealthCare.Gov and see if you qualify for lower costs on coverage. Millions of folks around the country are getting plans for $100 or less a month and many are getting reduced out-of-pocket costs as well. Learn more


When you “sign up for ObamaCare” you always want to make sure you are using HealthCare.Gov or a trusted site.

We personally try very hard to ensure that anyone who advertises on our site is a major broker who is in compliance with rules set forth by the law and will NEVER re-sell leads multiple times.

Unfortunately one of the big cons of the ACA retaining private insurance sold by private companies is that some shady players use the confusion over the Affordable Care Act to capture leads and re-sell them many times.

We are very sorry that you had this happen, anyone who experiences this should report the actual site they filled out a contact form on or called a number from to HealthCare.Gov and the Better Business Bureau ( If you forward that information to us at as well we will make sure that we blacklist these people from advertising on our site and inform all other ACA related sites we have contacts for.

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