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What ObamaCare T-shirts Do You Have?

We have a few lines of T-shirts you can purchase to help support ObamaCare, they include:

Protect ObamaCare T-shirts

ObamaCare Facts T-shirts: You can choose from facts on some of the biggest and most inaccurate talking points against ObamaCare. This is a great way to win arguments against your friends when they spout off the talking points.

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What Do You Do With The Money

Not only are you supporting ObamaCare by wearing the T-shirt we will also take the money we make from your purchase and funnel back into our Facts Sites. We have a number of Fact sites that are aimed at clearing up Myths about government programs like Social Security and Health Care Reform as well as educational sites about organizations that stand against public programs, our nations poorest and American workers. Our goal is to get the facts out there.

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