I am a temporary full time employee at a large company (over 100 people employed). I would like clarification as to if my employer must offer me insurance if I have worked for them for over 30 days in 2015?

If my employer does provide affordable insurance to 95% of it’s full-time workforce, is it possible I am in the 5% not offered insurance and the mandate does not require that it is offered to me or that the employer is not penalized?


Why does the mandate require that on of the full-time employee's receive a tax credit to help pay for coverage on the Marketplace to trigger the Employer Mandate fee?

There are a few reasons you may not be offered coverage under the employer mandate. Your part of the % who doesn't have to be offered coverage (5% in 2016, 30% in 2015 don't have to be offered coverage for qualifying employers), your employer is exempt due to total hours worked (employees work few hours, or hours are counted as less like adjunct teachers, it's full-time equivalents not just employees), you aren't full-time as your employer uses a look-back period of up to 12 months (only counts if you have been working for those 12 months, if you've worked shorter you may still technically be less than 30), or you missed your employers open enrollment period. Keep in mind there can also be up to a 90 day waiting period to get coverage, as a new-hire you simply may not have your coverage starting yet... you may also be missing your window to sign up, so you better check.

If you are unsure as to why your employer isn't offering coverage, simply ask your human resources department or the like. They will let you know what is going on, if you aren't going to be offered coverage you'll need to know sooner or later so you can enroll during Private health insurance's open enrollment period.

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