Why is it that people are saying the microchip thing is happening, regardless of what anybody on here says? I’ve been told that all of you are covering up to lure the whole of America and make them feel better. But, them I’m told that you can’t even do microchips and all that. I don’t know. I’m already a highly anxious person, and the Bible even says that any form of chip or scan, etc, is the mark of the beast. I’m only 23! I used to think I would just grow up and live a happy life. I shouldn’t spend every day worrying about terrorism, Hell, murder… I’m so scared. I guess I’m just looking for any reassurance because I don’t know what to do anymore.


There is no microchip coverup or conspiracy in ObamaCare. ObamaCare is a law focused on helping Americans by improving healthcare and health insurance.

There is a myth about an RFID chip, which we debunked by pointing to the actual law and previous drafts of the law from before it got passed. You can read our debunking of the Microchip myth here.

Even though we put a lot of work into the above page, I really hate to see people get upset, so let me try to put your mind at ease.

First off the Affordable Care Act is a law passed by people who want to see everyone in America with access to affordable health coverage even at the expense of paying more in taxes (Democrats). Generally people on "the left" have been trying to pass some sort of universal healthcare plan for about a century, while people on "the right" have tried to block that and take the country in a direction that limits certain women's services and favors successful individuals and businesses over our countries poorest. Due to this difference in ideology things can get pretty heated and some people out there will use lies, truths, and half truths to manipulate peoples fears in order to sway them to their side of politics.

We also have people in this country who are conspiracy minded. They think everything is a conspiracy and aren't necessarily focused on politics at all.

The RFID chip rumor comes from these two types of people. So we get mean spirited right wing guy who makes up a rumor about RFID chips and then we get a conspiracy minded guy who spreads the rumor, the rumor contains mostly lies... but it is based on the truth that "one previous version of the law included collecting post market data from class II devices including RFID chips" and the fact that most likely out there there is some group of people like the NSA or something that would feel more comfortable if everyone had RFID chips on them. We have all seen the dystopian future movies where everyone is tracked and whatnot, but that isn't something that the Affordable Care Act even touches on.

The Affordable Care Act contains nothing about a microchip being implanted. Rather it is 1,000 pages of improving the health care and health insurance system so we can do things like make sure all women have access to services they need, children all have health coverage, our poorest don't go without care just because they have no money, and people who were sick in the past can't be denied coverage. Literally the Affordable Care Act is a thousand pages of caring for the sick and the poor. Of course not everyone has the best intentions and there may be handout or two in there, but I assure you, your average person is a normal person trying to do normal positive things and to live in a happy and cool way.

There is no reason to be anxious, but one cool thing is that if you didn't before, you now have access to mental health counseling under the Affordable Care Act. Also honestly, if a thing you read online, or a group is filling your head with this conspiracy garbage you may want to spend less time with that and more time learning about things like the Affordable Care Act. I promise most of us are just working hard to make America a better place and to help people understand some of the complexities that come along with it.

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