My brother has Crohne’s disease, and is considering moving out of state. He’s concerned he will have to go a month without health coverage if this is the case, but I’ve never heard of this. Is it true that if you sign up for health care from a private insurance company via the Affordable Care Act that there is necessarily a 30 day transition period after moving of having no insurance?


There is a 60 day special enrollment window that is triggered by moving out-of-state. If your insurer offers Marketplace plans in the state he is moving to, he may simply be able to transition to another plan from that insurer. He can also apply to the Marketplace to have coverage start on the day the plan will end to ensure no coverage gap. One can run into a problem with a 30 day coverage gap if they wait until they lose their plan to enroll in a new one.

If he enrolls in a multi-state plan that covers both states, he may not even have to switch coverage. Have him check out BCBS plans, they tend to offer flexible multi-state PPOs.

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Barbara Velardi on

I plan on moving from New York to Nevada as of dec 28 2015.. I am currently enrolled with united health .. What steps to I need to take to start receiving healthcare in the state of Nevada . I am trying to avoid a lapse of health insurance

Thank you,
Barbara Velardi on

Starting 30 days before you move you can coordinate with and your insurer to ensure your new plan begins close to your move date and the old plan ends. This is done through a process called “special enrollment” Just watch out for a small lapse in coverage while the insurance switches over, make sure to pay the first months premium, and make sure to double check that your old coverage is actually canceled. You don’t want to mistakingly pay two premiums.

Alli on

I will need coverage in Ohio in Jan 2016. However, I am moving to New York in February 2016. Do I need to apply twice?

Alli on

You need to enroll via special enrollment when you move if you want to maintain coverage. If not just make sure you enroll before the end of open enrollment (probably smart to maintain coverage and simply switch via special enrollment when you move).

Alli on

What if I get a job that offers health benefits? Can I cancel this insurance plan at any time?

Alli on

Yes. You can cancel coverage so the old coverage ends when the new one starts. Watch out for gaps in coverage.

Manang Rose on

My son has an individual coverage from BC/BS but would be moving to New York soon. Can he keep his health insurance ? on

You have to switch plans when you move in most instances, unless you have a multi-state PPO and keep a primary residence where you have the plan. Mostly this is due to the way tax credits and networks work. Likely he should enroll via special enrollment before he moves so the plan is in place when he moves.

Jenni on

I live in MA with my 3 year old daughter and we both have Masshealth but we are moving to Connecticuit at the end of March. I don`t know what to do about switching our health insurance to something in available in CT. on

When you move, make sure to enroll in a new plan via special enrollment.

Julia on

My husband is getting out of the army in December and we are moving from Washington to Arizona. We will be spending a month visiting family between the two locations. Can we apply for coverage in Arizona before we actually arrive in Arizona? We won’t have an address. Or should we apply in Washington then apply in Arizona a month or so later? on

So you should apply within 30 days of losing coverage as a rule of thumb (although you get 60). I would apply once you have an address (if the gap isn’t too big). That said, to avoid a gap contact the marketplace immediately and coordinate the right move. It isn’t a cut and dry situation, so default to the marketplace to coordinate this one.

Sibyl on


Jim on

Hi there. I currently live in Connecticut, lost employer coverage a year ago, and have since had 2 short-term medical plans (unaware at the time that short-term medical plans do not satisfy ACA requirements). So, I’ve technically been without qualified medical coverage for over a year. I plan to move to New York shortly, so two questions: 1.) what proof of moving is required to obtain full medical coverage (I assume a lease agreement, plus a utility bill or similar combination…), and 2.) how long do I have to wait until I have full medical coverage after selecting and paying for a plan?

Thank you!
Jim on

You can enroll before you land so you’ll start in or around your move date. And you are right, I believe you need some sort of documentation, but you’ll want to check with the Marketplace specifically. Make sure to base your credits on the total calendar year MAGI, not just household income post-move.

Heather on

I currently have the obamacare insurance through the state of Minnesota, but I am moving to North Dakota. So my question is when I move will I still be covered or will I have to change to the North Dakota equivalent? on

No, you have to organize this by calling and enrolling in a new plan via special enrollment.

Scott on

I’m moving from TN to GA next week. I have a United Healthcare plan with a $3K individual deductible. Already, I have met that deductible. When I switch health plans, will my deductible start back at $0. on

As a general rule of thumb, it will, yes. You can try coordinating with your insurer to see if anything can be done however.

Rachel on

My brother has coverage in WA but is visiting us for the summer in OH. He is developing some
Health issues. Can he get care here while he is visiting and it be covered under his coverage or
Does he have to go back tO WA for care. What are our options. on

You should check with the insurer in a case like this, in an emergency though the answer is that all emergency care is supposed to be covered even out of state.

Tina on

I currently live in CA and when my oldest daughter signed up for Covered CA they put our whole family on Medi-cal. My daughter and I already had Medi-cal. Now my oldest daughter is moving her and I to TN. I don’t know what to do about our insurance? Will we lose it. What do I do? I have diabetes and other health issues. Can u help?

Talia on

If I am a legal resident of NY but will be living in DC (lease, utilities) after student health coverage ends, do I have to enroll in NYS health plan? on

If you retain residency in DC you can get a DC plan. But you should probably change plans to one in your state (since you’ll be changing from student health coverage to marketplace or other anyway).

Nicole on

Is it Legal to cross state purchase for health insurance plans? on

No it is not (the closest thing is a PPO in your state that lets you travel with your coverage), although that is something Republicans want to do. Annoyingly they have some ulterior motives which detract from their benevolent seeming argument. Read more:

Sunny on

I will be moving from NY to CA this fall. I have coverage through my employer for myself and my boyfriend until the end of August. We are road tripping across the country and will not be in CA at our intended address until November. What do I do for the 2 months that we won’t be in the state where we plan to live? Should I just get urgent care coverage? Thank you!

Carolina on

I have GHI I just moved from NY to Houston, TX. I take Prozac every day and I will without insurance for a month. I can’t stop the medication and my job’s insurqnce won’t kick in until september. What can I do so I can get a month of my prescription?

Jean Hopkins on

Moving from Indiana to California, does someone have to cancel they’re insurance in Indiana and wait 30 days to apply in California ?
If so why ?
Or is their Indiana insurance still good for the 30 days. on

No, you should arrange coverage before your move so your new plan starts on your move in date and your old plan ends. The goal is to avoid a gap in coverage and not retain the insurance from the previous state in the new one. You can use special enrollment.

Regina lahaie on

Would I have to apply for marketplace insurance if what I need is to have the state reimburse my Medicare A (social security)cost .,I lost this by going back to work and making too much money.( I have quit my job,as it was costing me more to work)

Ceci on

My husband will be finishing up his DPT graduate program in CA. We then plan on moving to WA to live with my family for a bit while my husband gets his license and looks for a job (which will come with health benefits). How long do we have to find a job with benefits before we are unnecessarily fee’d by the federal government?

Abid Ali Saifuddin on

We live in new York(Brooklyn)& I have Obamacare health insurance via NY maidcaid. But my younger daughter live in Austin & older daughter in Houston Wife always going stay with insurance work in emergency but not the following doctors so what do we know? please help us.

Manny on

I’m currently a college student who residence is in California but I attend school in Ohio. Can I apply for coverage in Ohio? Do I need to become a resident?

Jose on

I have been living in Oklahoma for almost a year I haven’t gone to the doctor’s nor switched my insurance from Alabama to this one in Oklahoma. Could I still go to the doctor’s if I need something to be checked.

Patrick d Murphy on

Moving from Florida to Colorado by the end of October, what should I do to get my health care tranferred…thank you on

Call the marketplace at least 30 days before you move to arrange coverage for the new location (so call Colorado) and then once everything is in place and the new coverage starts cancel the old plan (you can and should arrange the cancellation so you avoid overlap or a gap)… this can be tricky!

To avoid problems I would call each twice. Once to confirm what you are going to do, and once to sign up and cancel.

james loer on

Im moving from Oregon to California which in Oregon i dont have health coverage. Can i apply for coverage in California? i know there is a 60 days period to apply for Special enrollment on

Yes, you can up to 60 days before and after enroll. I would always recommend enrolling in the new marketplace at least 30 days before and arrange start and end dates carefully to avoid a coverage gap. Because things can go wrong, I also suggest calling both marketplace directly for advice.

marie on

If I am without health insurance now but am moving to a new state, can I enroll in a plan for that new state? on

In general moving to a new state is a qualifying event, so the answer should be yes. You have to make sure you get covered within 60 days of moving though. Also, check with the marketplace as I know they have tightened up some special enrollment options.


I’m moving from WA to ID on Jan 3rd and if I don’t want to pay $500 for a student health plan (can be waived by having coverage through ACA) I need to have coverage starting at that time. When is the soonest I can apply so that I’m not charged for a student health plan when I qualify for significantly more affordable health care?

Jennifer Buchanan on

My Boyfriend has Apple Care in Washington and is moving to Florida how can he keep his Obama care without loosing it? Because he has to have his insulin for diabetes. Any help is appreciated Thank you!

Susan Haarstad on

We need help in Minnesota! We have no choices. BCBS is dropping out.

Summer on

Help. I am in OHP in OREGON. I have travelled due to no work available or housing I went from OREGON to Michigan. I am in dire and stat need of help for chronic shoulder pain and unsure of coverage. If I am under a federally aided plan then isn’t my insurance going to cover me in any state?

Anthony on

I am a resident of Alaska but am going to school in Colorado, do I have to change my insurance plan to Colorado? on

You should generally obtain coverage in the state you are living in.

Ali on

Moving from NJ to WA in January. Can I apply before I actually move? on

Yes, up to 30 days (60 in most cases). Call Washington health plan finder and coordinate with them.

Elia on

I’m currently living in minnesota and have no healthcare insurance. I just found out I’m expecting a baby. I’m going to be moving to a new state ( California) will I be able to get medical assistance to help me out during the pregnancy?

Imelda Lara on

I am currently living in Arkansas. I have qualchoice and got a letter in the mail stating I had to choose a different insurance becasue Qualchoice was not going to be in affect after the new year. I am moving to texas and would like to know what to do, in order to change my insurance plan for Texas.

sandra on

My daughter ages off our FL coverage plan Dec 31st..she has started a new job in Colorado but their coverage won’t kick in until end of Jan..what is the best option to avoid lapse of coverage?

Becki Orze on

If I am moving during the last week of this calendar year to another state, and know my new address, is it legal for me to sign up for insurance in the new state during open enrollment even though the new address is not yet my address? I am currently covered through the end of the calendar year. It will be my address by the time the new coverage begins, but not before open enrollment is over. Seems easier than waiting until I move and then going through a special enrollment process just a couple weeks after open enrollment closes, when open enrollment offers me the ability to arrive at the same end situation.
Thank you for your time.

Courtney on


I will be relocating out of state from Michigan to Arizona to be near family at the beginning of January 2016, I will not have a job at this time but my current job that I am leaving has allowed me to have coverage until the end of December. I am wondering what steps I need to take to ensure that I have insurance starting in January. I have called the hotline but unfortunately was not able to get through.


Erin on

You’ll have a Special enrollment period after moving. So you can just wait to sign-up in Arizona until after you relocate. There’s also an automatic short-term coverage gap exemption, so you won’t be penalized for less than 3 consecutive months without coverage. Or you can apply for Marketplace in Michigan and then reapply in Arizona after you move.
You can also just apply for Marketplace coverage for Arizona using the address you will be relocating to or the family member’s address until you get settled in the new location. You will be expected to project your income for the year in Arizona and you should update it if your projected income changes. You may not be able to see any providers in Michigan (unless it is emergency) with Arizona coverage though.

Amy on

I am currently in process of a move from NH to MA. However, i’m temporarily located in GA for work and can not officially (in person) change my address until April but i can receive mail there. Can i apply for a plan in MA with the new address before i’ve changed my license, etc?

Erin on

As long as you have an in state address for your profile on the MA marketplace you can purchase insurance. Keep in mind that the network is probably going to be limited to the region based on your address, but all insurers must cover emergency care outside of the network.

Christian on

Hello. Question for you all.

My girlfriend is from Pennsylvania. Right now she is under her parents health insurance. If she gets a job in Virginia, will that kick her off her parents insurance? She is 22 at this time. I did not want her getting a job or changing address because insurance expensive and do not want her going without coverage.

Thank you in advance.

Erin on

No, moving won’t kick her off her parent’s plan. However, she will likely not be able to find providers that are in Network, meaning the insurance is only good for emergency care (which doesn’t include a hospital stay, just the ER treatment). She will be able to sign up for insurance in Virginia on her own and depending on her income could qualify for Medicaid or cost assistance to cover insurance.

Teri Causey on

I moved from Mississippi to Florida in August. I enrolled in a Florida plan and got a subsidy starting August !st. Now my Mississippi plan still had me enrolled because the ACA didn’t inform them of the change. I followed all the instructions of address change and special enrollment, am I responsible for paying in 2 states because they kept me on the books. I did inform them of needing to cancel but they said the ACA is the ones who have to cancel.

Erin on

The ACA isn’t a thing that can do cancellations. It is just the name of a law. Perhaps your insurer said that the Marketplace is where you need to go to stop coverage because you are receiving advanced Premium Tax Credits paid to them from the health insurance Marketplaces? Go to the Marketplace ( or your states website) and update your profile with the change of address and cancel coverage.

Jonah Freddrick Lee on

I have a friend in Florida who says Tenncare wont cancel her sons insurance and hes in need of medication for adhd. How should ashe handle this?

Erin on

She should contact the Insurance Commissioners Office from both states if she is unable to get Tenncare to cancel enrollment so that she can enroll him in Florida.

Hope Berg on

I called the number listed and they could not answer the question; will I be covered under my current insurance if I move to Texas. Instead I have to call the insurance plan itself.
Marketplace is only able to sign me up. This number did not help.

Barbara Memory on

I am a legal resident of Ga and my husband is a legal resident of Fl. (1.5 hours away). Can we have one plan with both of us on it? It is paid for by his employer, which is him. His corporation.

Esther on

I plan on moving from New York to Nevada soon and I’m currently enrolled in Metro Plus, What do I need to do to start receiving healthcare in the state of Nevada . I am trying to avoid a lapse of health insurance.

Gary Vey on

My wife is on daily chemotherapy for liver problems. They fill her prescription every month. She gets Oregon Health Care but we will be moving to New Hampshire soon. How can we be sure there is no interruption in chemo RX
coverage? Should I contact someone in New Hampshire? Help. Thanks 🙂

Bobby on

I’m moving from Florida to Missouri in a month. I have Florida blue insurance through Obama care. How do i go about getting insurance in Missouri. I want and need to keep getting my medicine

Tonya on

Hello I have bcbs of NC & I need to transfer it to MD. What do I need to do

Lynn on

I live in Florida and have a policy with Humana period I am thinking about moving to Texas, can I still get coverage through Humana in Texas? on

You have to switch policies, but you may be able to keep the provider. I would check out the marketplace in your state and call Humana, this would get you two types of advice. Generally you need to switch plans before you move and coordinate dates, and that has to be done via special enrollment.

It is simple when you get it, but having Humana or HealthCare.Gov help is probably the easiest way.

Ashleigh Wynne on

i am moving from MA to FL come august. i currently have mass health for insurance, since i can’t transfer that since it an insurance for MA residents only, how do i go about seeing what my options are for new insurances, when to start applying, etc? on

60 days before the move you can start coordinating this by calling the new marketplace and the old one. You’ll need to enroll in a new plan in the new state and cancel your old plan. To make sure the start and end days are right, you need to leave yourself enough time. Start by calling either marketplace and getting them to help you coordinate the process.

Laura on

I am in need of learning where I can find the law that states that when I cancel my MassHealth healthplan due to a move out of state that there is a required 14 day period of continued coverage. I wrote a letter to document in writing that I wanted my health insurance canceled on May 30 (letter dated May 18, 2017). When no cancellation letter was received, I called June 1 and was told it would be immediately canceled as they did not see the letter yet. When no cancel letter arrived by the 8th of June I called again and was told it would be canceled as of the 15th of June. I have explained all this time that I needed it canceled as of the 30th of May for my new insurance requirements in my new state via the healthcare marketplace. This is ridiculous and puts my insurance in jeopardy. I need the law verbiage to send to my new state as explanation of the continued MA insurance.

Jordan Marzette on

Moved from Iowa to Texas how do I switch? on

Just call You either coordinate with them or they will point you to the correct marketplaces to coordinate with. Essentially you’ll enroll in a new plan and cancel the old one, trying to get start and end dates to coordinate.

Renee Gaussoin on

Iam moving to Montana by the end of Nov 2017. How can I continue my coverag or do I just apply with them for Dec 2017 if I can. on

You need to contact the marketplace of both states and arrange for the old plan to end and new one to start. If both states use, that is one call. If they don’t, you need to call both state’s marketplaces.

L.M. Risley on

Is Medi-Cal (from California) the same as Obamacare? If so, I’m thinking I’m going to be moving to the east coast. I don’t believe the insurance will cover me outside of California and I require monthly insulin vials. Do I need to find a low income insurance like Medi-Cal to the specific state I am moving to? on

Medi-Cal is Medicaid in California. If you move to the east coast you should double check that the state you are moving to expanded Medicaid before you move.

Learn more about Medicaid expansion

Leana on

My family moved to GA last month from Florida. We have an Ambetter plan in Florida that provides no coverage in GA. In Jan we submitted a life change through the marketplace as well as cancelled our coverage with the FL plan for Feb since we don’t have any coverage. We have been paying cash for all doctor visits (approx. $400 at this point). Our new Ambetter GA policy won’t be effective until March 1st, which is fine. However, when going to make the payment for March 1, GA policy it says we owe for Feb FL policy. We called the marketplace and they said we understand that you didn’t have any coverage and submitted the new application in Jan but yes we still need to pay for Feb coverage. Can you please explain why we would be held responsible when we cancelled in Jan and had no access to benefits?

Helen Stevens on

Hello, I have moved to Nevada from Massachusetts. While living in MA I received Masshealth through the state. How do I transfer this type of coverage to Nevada? on

You can’t specifically transfer it, instead you would contact the Nevada state Medicaid department and arrange coverage through them.

lakita miller on

i just moved from Louisiana to san Antonio teaxs and I need to have my Obama care change over on

Contact HealthCare.Gov.

chaitali on

i am planing to move to Florida in February this year of 2019 i live in NY right now how i can transfer my health insurgences to Florida? i have bcbs thru medciad? on

You don’t transfer health insurance, you need to switch to a new policy using special enrollment. Call the marketplace and they will help set you up.

kathleen christensen on

I was told I would have ins. in florida It would go from Aetna in new York to Hip Humana in Florida but I have to live in what counties can you please sent me them

brenda on

My permanent home is in Arizona and will be spending most of my time in Wisconsin for 2020. Can I take out Wisconsin Healthcare Insurance instead of Arizona? on

In general the move here would likely be to get a multi-state plan. You have to get a plan in the state of your residence, but a multi-state plan will have a network that covers both states.

Lisa S on

Can I work In California but live in Oregon and still get health insurance in Oregon? on

Yes, you get coverage in the state that you live as a rule of thumb.

Susan on

Hello! I moved from CA to MN on August 1st 2020. I have Medicare Parts A and B and a supplemental health plan which covers prescriptions, dr. visits, etc. It is Health Net CA. Do you know if this company offers a Marketplace plan? I will also check with them but I thought I would ask you as well. Thank you! on

You cannot get a marketplace plan if you qualify for Medicare. Make sure to shop with brokers who can sell you Medicare plans. Your first stop should be Medicare.Gov 🙂

To browse Medicare plans, see