Need to know if a person with the following situation qualifies for the extended enrollment period of 15 March – 15 April 2015:

– No health insurance for all of 2014
– Work place health insurance (Staples, Inc) was not affordable
– Unaware of tax penalty
– Filed 2014 taxes using Turbo Tax – based on cost of health insurance through work the tax software claimed no penalty as the situation was deemed exempt for 2014

So – the person does not have health insurance and did not not pay a penalty based on current rules.

Can this person enroll during the extended enrollment period?


If you would have paid the fee, but were exempt from the fee, you still qualify for the extra enrollment period March 15 - April 2015. You'll need to attest to this situation when you apply for the Special Enrollment period through the Marketplace.

We haven't seen the application itself, however you qualify as owing the fee (thus meeting the criteria). You owed it, but were exempt from having to pay it.

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