Does my insurance coverage in one state under the affordable care act cover me if I am visiting another state and need medical treatment?


Only multi-state plans cover you outside of your state. Other than that only emergency services and drugs are covered. Some plans allow you to get requests and referrals out-of-state, some plans have separate out-of-network cost sharing amounts, some don't cover any costs beyond emergency. You should check out your plans benefit sheet to understand what is and isn't covered. You can also call your insurer directly.

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John Q Citizen on

That sucks for those who travel to other states.

david Bernstein on

so do all state exchanges offer 1 or more must-state plan? What is the price differential between multi-state plans and intra-state plans? Do the plans work outside the country?

This answer provided very little information. on

The price different is more dependent on the coverage, provider, and region it is offered in than if it is multi-state or not. Generally local HMOs are the cheapest, but not always. BCBS recently did a EPO to keep costs down, but i’ve had a cheap multi-state PPO before.

This stuff isn’t really discuss on this page, but see this page:

Mary byram on

That is total bull my brother is visiting and never was told he would not be covered obama care sucks on

Insurance covering someone when they travel has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). This has to instead do with insurer networks. That said, all emergency care is required to be covered under the Affordable Care Act, even out of state emergency care.

Jim R Richardson on

We go to Arizona 5 months out of the year. Our home is in WA. state Is there one plan that covers both and emergency when traveling on

Many states offer Multi-state PPO plans. That is generally the type of a plan you are looking for. I would for example, use the contact number on our site and explain the plan type you want and see what your options are. You would be generally looking for a PPO multi-state plan in your place of primary residence.