Deferment of Coverage for Repatriation?

I am currently living overseas but plan to repatriate in July. Can I join Obamacare before the February 15th deadline and defer payment and coverage until July?

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How do you apply so you are covered when you land? I understand moving back triggers a Special Enrollment Period of 60 days. But it does not appear that it starts 30 days before you move. When applying at online today, I could not find a way to do this. And I called support at and they could not find a way for the application to allow this either. The problem is when you check that you are moving back from a foreign country, the application does not allow you enter a future date for your move date. You can only enter today’s date or a previous date going back up to 60 days.


If you do not know the address you will be living at, can you still enroll 30 days before you move back to the US? In other words, if you know you will be moving back to a certain city and state from overseas, but you have to move back 1st before you will have a known address where you will be renting in that certain city/state, can you still enroll 30 days before you move back to the US?


From what I understand you need a physical address to enroll. So the answer I think, rather oddly, is “you need an address and can’t enroll before you have one.”

With that said, I would call the marketplace and check if there is a work around.

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