My mom has been going to a hospital in IA for chemo and with the new change to the IL state ins she is no longer covered there. Is there any options for insurance so she can keep going to the same Dr in IA?


Keeping your doctor is a matter of your plans network. If your doc isn't in your plans network, then they aren't covered under your plan. There is no way to keep a doctor without paying out-of-pocket or choosing a different plan. It's hard with Medicaid or other state insurance types as they have limited choices.

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Paul gooodwin on

So Obama lied when he got up time and time again and said we could keep our doctor if we liked them…. shame, shame, shame on you. I bet you got to keep your doctor.

Erin on

Lots of people did get to keep their doctor and their insurance plans. Ultimately though, insurers choose whether to participate in Marketplaces or even whether they exist at all. In addition, providers have always had the right to choose which insurers they accept reimbursement from and insurers have always had the right to choose which providers are in their network. Even before the ACA anyone could have suddenly found their doctor no longer included in their insurance’s network or that their insurance was no longer offering a plan they were on. The ACA didn’t change that.