Can I Qualify For ObamaCare with SSD?

I’m presently collecting Social Security disability proximately $900 a month I currently have senCal insurance I would like to know if I qualify for Obamacare and how soon can I switch over to Obamacare and how much what it costs thank you

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If it rates as assistance why do co-pays take half or more of SSD?


It is a bit odd when your only income is Social Security Benefits and that puts you in an income bracket where you are using it to buy cost assisted insurance and pay out-of-pocket assisted costs. But the key is that it’s not strictly a public single payer system, rather it’s a private company being reimbursed by public tax credits for premiums and cost sharing reduction subsidies for out-of-pocket costs. Thus you are spending Social Security for a mandated, yet private, service which includes cost sharing. Cost sharing is based on the quality of a plan and income (including Social Security Benefits).

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