Are There Copayment Restrictions Under ObamaCare?

I know there’s a limit on annual out of pocket cost, but is there any restrictions on co payments? My company just increased ours significantly, and it seems to be their way of saving money to get around the new health insurance costs. I don’t go to the doctor nearly enough to hit the annual limit, but this is going to still be a huge strain on me financially next year. It seems to me like they found a loop hole to some of the rules by just increasing our out of pocket cost. I currently have the best plan they offer.

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That means under The ACA, I could taje a day off from work and get hit wirh say a $2500 bill. In the past, u could pay say $10 – $75 copay theb Rhe Insurance Company would pay the major bill. Under The ACA, The major bill is borne by the insured until rhe deductible is met. That’s good for the Insurer because mist individuals will not spend $7100 on hearhcare for the whole year abd yet ur payingva premium which does not count towards your oop expense. Most people will no go to the doctor because of that so rhe nations’ health is compromised.


I’m going for a foot checkup. At family practice. Do I have a copy?


It literally depends on what insurance you have. Call your insurer and ask them.

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