Our adult daughter lives with us but she doesn’t have a job and she or we can’t afford for her to have obamacare! My husband and I support her (food,place to live) Our state didn’t expand medicaid at all. What do we need to do on taxes to keep from getting into trouble.

Do we need to do anything for her or does she need to do anything like file an exemption. We are so confused on all of this. Please someone help us on this matter.


If your state didn't expand Medicaid, apply for Medicaid, send the rejection letter into HealthCare.Gov, and then you'll get a full year exemption and access to catastrophic coverage.

This only works if you aren't claiming her as a dependent.

That is the best way, here are other options:

When you claim someone on your taxes you take on their financial situation and they take on yours. So she would qualify for whatever assistance you qualify for if you claim her has a dependent. If you don't then she has to make at least 100% of the Federal Poverty Level.

You could technically employee her at let's say $12,000 a year if your finances allow. This would get her very cheap Marketplace coverage, assuming she didn't take any deductions and filed as "single". If her income went below $11,670 she could actually lose marketplace subsidies.

You can also add her to a family plan and simply pay the extra costs.

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Erika on

How is my mother going to add me, her dependent 45 year old child, to her MEDICAID policy??? I don’t qualify for MEDICAID.

This is a dumb as the entire Obamacare act. Americans DON’T WANT SOCIALISM!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Ok. So dependent can go on a family plan for private plans. For Medicaid everyone is really getting there own coverage and qualifying on their own. An adult dependent who shares a tax family qualifies for coverage based on the income of the family.

People in your tax family are in your coverage family as far as tax credits and assistance programs go.

In short, if your parents qualify for Medicaid then you do to. If your parents are on Medicare then your marketplace cost assistance or Medicaid is based on your household income.

OwnYou on

Your situation is only in states that rejected Medicaid expansion. 30 states did expand it and you would be covered under Medicaid there, so consider yourself lucky to have that option.
Or maybe blame your governor for turning down help for a 45 year old with no incime.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Blaming your governor isn’t a bad move. If you are going to blame them, do make sure to call their office and let them know why you’ll be helping to support the other team come next election cycle. A Facebook post or two on their page also doesn’t hurt.